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Prophecy of Sr. Jeanne le Royer – Synod Now and in 2015

Prophecy of Sr. Jeanne le Royer (Sister of the Nativity – died 1798) 

[Note: expect this prophecy to be fulfilled from now until the next Synod in October 2015. Observe that a sufficient minority of prelates resisted the neo-pagan interim Relatio document in October 2014, but a majority of prelates, without reaching the two-thirds majority, approve of Holy Communion for adulterers and looking for value in sodomy. This will only get worse in 2015 as Francis now knows which faithful prelates resist the heresy of modernism. Sedevacantists will claim that this applies to Vatican II, but they are wrong.]
“One day I heard that the New Constitution will appear to many other than what it really is. They will bless it as a gift from Heaven; whereas it is in fact sent form hell and permitted by God in His just wrath. It will only be by its side effects that people will be led to recognize the Dragon who wanted to destroy all and devour all. One night I saw a number of ecclesiastics. Their haughtiness and air of severity seemed to demand the respect of all. They forced the faithful to follow them. But God commanded me to oppose them saying: They no longer have the right to speak my name Jesus told me. It is against My wish that they carry out a mandate for which they are no longer worthy of.” 

“I saw a great power rise up against the Church. it plundered, devastated, and threw into confusion and disorder the vine of the Lord, having it trampled underfoot by the people and holding it up to ridicule by all nations. Having vilified celibacy and oppressed the priesthood, it had the effrontery to confiscate the Church’s property and to arrogate to itself the powers of the Holy Father, whose person and laws it held in contempt.” 

“I had a vision; Before the Father and the Son – both seated – a virgin of incomparable beauty, representing the Church, was kneeling. The Holy Ghost spread his shining wings over the virgin and the other two persons. The wound of our Lord seemed alive. Leaning on the Cross with one hand, He offered to His Father with the other hand the chalice which the Master held in the middle. The Father placed one hand on the cup and raised the other to bless the virgin. I noticed that the chalice was only half filled with blood, and I heard these words spoken by our Savior at the moment of presentation; I shall not be fully satisfied until I am unable to fill it right up to the brim. I understood then that the contents of the chalice represented the blood of the early martyrs, and that the vision had reference to the last persecutions of Christians, whose blood would fill the chalice thereby completing the number of martyrs predestined. For at the end of time, there will be as many martyrs as in the early Church and even more, for the persecutions will be far more violent. Then the last Judgment will no longer be delayed.” 

“I see in God that a long time before the rise of the Antichrist the world will be afflicted with many bloody wars. Peoples will rise against peoples, and nations will rise against nations, sometimes allied, sometimes enemies, in their fight against the same party. Army’s will come into frightful collisions and will fill the earth with murder and carnage. These internal and foreign wars will cause enormous sacrifices, profanations, scandals, and infinite evils, because of the incursions that will be made into the Church. As well as that I see the earth will be shaken in different places by frightful earthquakes. I see the whole mountains cracking and splitting with a terrible din. Only too happy will one be if one can escape with no more than a fright; but no, I see out of the gaping mountains whirlwinds of smoke, fire, sulfur and tar, which reduced to cinders entire towns. All this and a thousand other disasters must come before the rise of the Man of Sin [Antichrist].” 

“I saw in the Light of the Lord that the Faith and our Holy Religion would become weaker in almost every Christian Kingdom. God has permitted that they should be chastised by the wicked in order to awaken them form their apathy. And after the Justice of God has been satisfied, He will pour out an abundance of graces on His Church. And He will spread the Faith and restore discipline of the Church in those countries where it had become tepid and lax. I see in God a great power led by the Holy Ghost which will restore order through a second upheaval. I see in God a large assembly of pastors who will uphold the rights of the Church and of Her Head. They will restore the former disciplines. I see in particular two servants of the Lord [Peter the Roman and the Great Monarch] who will distinguish themselves in this glorious struggle and who, by the grace of God, will fill with ardent zeal the hearts of this illustrious assembly.” 

“All false cults will be abolished [e.g. Protestantism, Islam, etc]; all the abuses of the Revolution will be destroyed and the altars of the true God restored. The former practices will be put into force again and our religion – at least in some respects will flourish more than ever. I see in God that the Church will enjoy a profound peace over a period which seems to be a fairly long duration [the New Era of Peace]. This respite will be the longest of all that will occur between the revolutions from now till General Judgment. The closer we draw to General Judgment the shorter will be the revolutions against the Church. The kind of peace that will follow each revolution will also be shorter. This is because we are approaching the End. One day the Lord said to me ” A few years before the coming of My enemy, Satan will rise up False Prophets who will announce Antichrist as true Messiah, and they try to destroy all our Christian beliefs. The closer we get to Antichrist the more darkness will spread over the earth and the more his satellites will increase their efforts to trap the faithful into their nets. When the Antichrist draws near a false religion [Freemasonry – as will be established by Bergoglio] will appear which will deny the unity of God and will oppose the Church. Errors will cause ravages as never before.” 

“God has manifested to me the malice of Lucifer and the perverse and diabolical intentions of his henchmen against the Holy Church of Christ. At the command of their master these wicked men have crossed the world like the furies to prepare the way and place for the Antichrist whose reign is approaching. The storm began in France and France shall be the first theater of its ravages after having been its cradle. The Church in council shall one day strike with anathemas to pull down and to destroy the evil principles of that criminal constitution.