Great Tribulation Maria Divine Mercy Second Coming

My punishment is imminent and I will separate those whose love for Me remains alive from the souls who reject Me

I can reveal only so much to you before I separate the sheep from the goats.

My dearly beloved daughter, so many spat in My Face, cursed Me and denied Me during My Time on earth and they continue to do so to this day.

Every Gift, which was given to humanity through seers, visionaries and prophets from God was rejected by the majority. Soon, the Flame of Truth will be difficult for man to find, though they may seek it out. My enemies will rejoice and celebrate as My Witnesses on earth are knocked to the ground and trampled upon. Oh how ungrateful are the cold hearts of men, and how little love they have for Me

My punishment is imminent and I will separate those, whose love for Me remains alive, from the souls who reject Me. My Intervention will be swift and woe to the man who curses Me, for I will cut him off from the Bosom of My Sacred Heart, and he will be left walking amongst the beasts who roam the earth seeking out the souls they crave so that they can destroy them.

Today your Lord has spoken and today is the day when the changes, as foretold, will commence. My Mercy will be shown to you in great torrents but after that you will choose your own destiny. Those who have allowed hatred to fester in their souls will reject Me outright. Those with lukewarm souls will not have the Graces to remain true to Me and they, too, will reject Me.

I have given you the Word, the Truth, and many have cursed Me because of it. There is only so much that I can give you before the Great Day. Now, take what I have given you and remember every Word, for My Time is near and I can reveal only so much to you before I separate the sheep from the goats.

Those of you who curse Me shall be cursed. Those who believe in Me will have Eternal Life. Suffer in My Name and I will exalt you in My Kingdom to come.

The Day of the First Resurrection is coming and those who won’t accept Me will be cast away for eternity. My anger is great at this time and if you were to witness the dull grey and darkened souls of those with lukewarm hearts it would cause you to weep. Sadly, the majority of souls are in darkness and were you to see this you would die of shock such is the state of the souls of humanity.

Your Jesus


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  • These words: “Today your Lord has spoken and today is the day when the changes, as foretold, will commence.” … MEANS 11 FEBRUARY 2015 -THE SECOND ANNIVERSARY OF THE ABDICATION OF POPE BENEDICT XVI and of course the anniversary of Apparitions in Lourdes…

    Extremely interesting…

    • Here’s one: 11 FEB 1503 Henry VIII recognized as supreme head of Church of England following the schism with Rome.

      Perhaps the message here is that the Schism occurs between 11 FEB 2015 – 11FEB 2015 [Ed note: did you mean 2016?]. In other words we can expect the Synod in OCT to be the trigger for it. Now consider this:

      At Akita, our Lady said

      1) Cardinal would oppose Cardinal – the sides are forming as I write Burke &Co.
      versus Team Bergoglio

      2) Fire falls from the sky – WWIII is well on its way on two fronts : War against ISIS and
      War in the Ukraine.

      Also, what was the big issue for the goat Henry. To be able to DIVORCE Catherine and marry Anne while remaining in COMMUNION with the Church.