Maria Divine Mercy

“My Remnant has been formed”

My Mission to save humanity is almost complete

My dearly beloved daughter, by the Power of the Holy Blessed Trinity, I declare that I have given you the Truth. I have filled your hearts and souls with the Gifts promised to mankind through the Book of Truth.

Now take My Gift of the Truth along with all the other Gifts, given to you through this Mission, and accept them with gratitude. Live the Word of God. Accept these Messages and live your lives accordingly.

My Mission to save humanity is almost complete. My Remnant has been formed. You have been given the Gifts of the Seal of the Living God, the Medal of Salvation and the Crusade Prayers. They will be your armour against My adversary. I will speak with you only periodically and through the Remnant from now on. You are ready to take up your armour to fight to keep My Word alive in a place of desolation.

My Plan is to ensure that all of you spread My Word and contemplate what I have given you. I will never desert My final Mission, for this is impossible. Be patient and trust in Me completely. These Messages will bring you great comfort and consolation in days of great spiritual trials. Be thankful for My Mercy.

The Holy Spirit will guide and protect you and I will give you the comfort you will need to withstand the difficulties you will face in the times ahead.

Thank you My little ones for accepting My Intervention. Now it is up to you to spread the Truth. I love you, I cherish you and I long for the Great Day of the Lord when I will unite the world and lead you into My New Kingdom on earth.

I Bless you and give you the courage, the wisdom, the knowledge and the Graces to continue My Work on earth.

Your beloved Jesus

Saviour and Redeemer of all mankind.


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  • Jesus, THANK YOU SO MUCH for each word you have given us….for all these years. My heart is broken, because I have loved your almost daily visitation with us… I certainly will miss all your wisdom and truth! Despite of the gravity of the issues, all this was so comforting, because you were touching my heart…. and I know it is YOU!

    Jesus – thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and do not leave us now….

    Bless and protect Maria Divine Mercy every day…


  • Dear Pina, we feel the same way. He has given us everything we will need to uphold ourselves and others after The Warning. We have all the messages that we need at present. Thank you, God the Father, Jesus and Mary. In the 2 Hearts, we love you.

  • Our Blessed Mother will be conversing with us through the Messages, as she indicates in this latest MDM Message. Thank you dear Jesus.

  • The infrequency of new messages 1, will enable us (especially of a catechetic bent) to devote time to digesting this huge feast now tailing off , and 2. increase the urgency to publcise the truths so digested as their time of fulfilment draws ever nearer. The information has been full on for four years (the same amount of time since earthquakes devastated my home town and flattened two cathedrals, not to mention dozens of churches), and now we can concentrate on preparing for what we now know about in great detail.

  • Dear Adrian – yes, we must set aside time to digest it all, and pass it on. We’ve prepared for that by printing copies of all the Crusade Prayers and all the Messages as they were received, and will print more as needed. My daughter wants to pass out copies of THE WARNING.
    Remnant Army, here we come! In the 2 Hearts of Jesus and Mary. God’s Will be done!

  • It,s been quite a marathon – these four years of almost daily messages (now nearly 1500).
    Not the least to feel the “athleticity” of it must be MDM herself. to whom we owe a vast debt of gratitude.
    When I mention my home town four years on from devastating earthquakes, it may be of interest to note that this city is called “Christchurch” (struck down two months before MDM/s messages started appearing), and in a sense it has become a parable of Christ;s Church herself with all the on-going still un-repaired damage within..Christchurch in New Zealand (a country especially mentioned in the Book of Truth as very pagan, with a very pusillanimous Church) has in my opinion experienced a kind of mini-apocalypse, what with death and levelled buildings , and muddly civic authorities and tardy insurance companies ,and trauma and rent increases and shortage of homes and people living in sheds ad cars, and seaside suburbs abandoned to Mother Nature and the huge “Gap-lands” of the largely un-rebuilt inner city, and refugees like myself fleeing elsewhere to live.
    We who experienced those quakes have most of us survived, and may most of us survive the disasters world-wide which Jesus has been telling us will come and have come.and may pre-empt any recovery in the already stricken.

  • intereresting synergy here between the announcement
    of the end of the “regular season” mdm messages,
    as per above message of feb 13 (and also mother’s message of feb 17),
    and latest medjugorje message (feb 25)
    where mother says, “pray more and speak less”.

  • wow, more synergy amongst the true missions.

    in the “holy love” mission yesterday,
    mother is also talking about “the remnant”,
    as per the above mdm message.

    also note the below mdm message: other true missions will stop soon.

    virgin mary:
    my child soon many of the world prophets,
    visionaries and seers will no longer receive messages
    2012.08.13 1945

    my child soon many of the world prophets, visionaries and seers
    will no longer receive messages
    in order to make way for these most important messages.
    much of my work, through visionaries,
    will stop soon to leave room for the voice of the holy spirit
    given to you the end time prophet.

  • Dear Anne, MDM’s website is no longer available, and you have said your daughter has printed all the messages. I was getting ready (once I had the money) to print the messages I hadn’t taken hard copy of. I will check among my friends, and there may be somebody else ready to fill in the gaps or MDM may possibly be preparing volume four and maybe reprinting earlier volumes, Let’s wait and see if any blog pops up. In the meantime, may your daughter be blessed and not lose any of the blessed messages
    A cryptic “THIS SITE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE” is a bit chilling to read. Thank goodness I beavered away a lot.

    • Dear Adrian, actually it was moi who printed the Crusade Prayers and Messages as they arrived. My daughter wanted us to pass out The Warning papers. I’m a former ‘Typewriter Fiend’ that has to type everything I think is of importance. So it was a joy for me to type the Messages and made copies. However, that’s as far as it goes for me.

      There are 3 MDM Books you can purchase (try Amazon) that have the messages. Recently, a gentleman was kind enough to copy somehow the Messages and Crusade Prayers via computer for anyone to download to their computer. That may be your best bet. Let me know. AJ


    • no worries mate, btw kiwis just won again, into semis #cwc15, best nz team ever

  • Admin, glad you think so, I’ll accept that paean of praise to Kiwiland. Only trouble is, Jesus did not, according to MDM, find the Church here too bonzer; and, just as I have never bowled a maiden over in my life, my interest in cricket has never extended to more than a bash at the French variety in a beach domain in my youth (just before the Church went insane and dumped all its assets). I suspect you are not Dad’s Army yet, which is more my type now in the Remnant Army, which according to our Saviour has now been formed. Not before time, as the war is now really hotting up.
    Bless em all. We now a Vera Lynn to lead us in song.