Second Coming

Satan’s Agents in the Church “present a new approach to My Teachings … dressed up in an admirable way that will be seen to be just”

My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you

My dearly beloved daughter, My Voice has been suppressed by the spirit of darkness at a time when humanity needs Me the most.

The spiritual battle is a fierce one and is being fought by My Kingdom against the forces of the evil one. Yet, many people are oblivious to this fact because the spirit of evil is pouring out a new false doctrine which, on the surface, will be seen to be popular, admired, welcomed and applauded by those who profess to speak My Word, but which is not of Me.

The evil one is careful, cunning and devious and so, when his agents present a new approach to My Teachings, you can be sure that it will be dressed up in an admirable way that will be seen to be just. The power of My enemies is strangling the Faith of My people and they do not see what is being placed before them.

Confusion does not come from Me. My Word is clear, My Teachings infinite. Humanity has embraced humanism and atheism as a substitute for Me. I have been discarded and My Word is tolerated only in some parts, while the other parts have been twisted to suit the needs of sinners who want to justify their iniquities. They may condone heresy amongst themselves, but I Am all seeing and I will judge Christians by the way they reject My Word and by the actions they embrace, which are against Me.

Christians are being quickly ostracised in the world and they will suffer great hardship because of the hatred that exists in the world against Me. I Am despised by those who once knew Me, but who have now rejected Me. I Am barely tolerated by those who know Who I Am, who dismiss some of My Teachings because the Truth makes them uncomfortable.

I was shunned by many during My Time on earth and especially those proud souls who led My Flock in the temples. They preached the Word of God but did not like to hear the Truth from My Lips, the True Messiah.

Today there are disloyal servants of Mine who fail to adhere to the Truth. Many of them no longer accept My Holy Word, which like the waters of a spring remains crystal clear. They have muddied the water, which pours forth from the Holy Spirit and innocent souls will drink it. The Truth will be distorted and many will be forced to swallow the doctrine of darkness, which will shine brightly, like a dazzling star. This new false doctrine will have nothing to do with Me and only those who believe in the Holy Gospel, and who refuse to deviate from it, will find Eternal Life.

I came to bring you the Truth to save you and you crucified Me for doing so. Yet, through My Death on the Cross, I defeated death. Everything I did was for you and everything that comes from My Victory over death is yours. Life of the body becomes yours when you believe in Me and your soul will live forever. Reject Me before My Second Coming and you will not be ready to receive Me. Should you embrace lies, though you already know the Truth of My Word, you will fall into despair. And now, I Am to be crucified once more and this time there will be little mourning for My Body – My Church – for you will have deserted Me by the time I come on the Great Day. I will have been forgotten about, but the impostor will be idolised; worshipped and greeted like royalty, while I will lie in the gutter and be trampled upon.

Only by the Power of the Holy Spirit will My true followers be able to withstand this battle for souls and I Am giving you every Grace to open your eyes to the Truth and to prevent you from being devoured by deceit.

My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you on the Path of Truth. These brave sacred servants of Mine will receive extraordinary Graces to enable Christians to see clearly, the difference between right and wrong. Take heart, all of you, and know that these Graces are now being poured upon these servants of Mine, for without their leadership you would find it difficult to proclaim the Truth.

I love you all. I will never desert you. I draw you to Me and urge you to recite My Crusade Prayers to receive the Blessings which are necessary for this journey ahead of you. The Holy Spirit rests upon you and you will be filled with every Gift possible to sustain your devotion to Me.

Call on Me always to help you, to give you courage, strength and the ability to treat your enemies with the love and compassion that is needed if you are to become a true disciple of Mine. By loving My enemies does not mean, however, that you accept heresy. I also ask that you refuse to engage in any kind of hatred in My Holy Name.

Proclaim My Word. There is no need to defend it.

Your beloved Jesus Christ

Saviour and Redeemer of all Humanity


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  • “My Word is clear, My Teachings infinite. ”

    The “My Word is clear” part is clear. But what does “My Teachings infinite” mean? That sounds like the modernists. If Jesus’ teaching is not finite, if it is rather infinite, then everything would be his teaching, every religion, and thus the search for the truth would never end. This is what the modernists teach. Strange that some modernism made it into this “revelation” that’s supposed to be traditionalist in nature.

  • “My Teachings infinite”: i dont have a problem with this, as God himself is infinite, even in the new paradise we will still be learning about god. It has nothing to do with modernists. Much more will be revealed to us about God in the future, things we cant imagine or comprehend now (eg the mystery of the trinity), just like Jesus revealed many things about himself and his kingdom when he walked the earth, things unknown in the time of moses.

  • Interpretation can change, but when Spirit (or anointing) and Word agree with each other, there is no passing away (or change),

    1 John 2:26 These things I have written to you concerning those who try to deceive you.27 But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.

    Shades of grey = *subtle interpretation.

    ‘Inside the Church – and more recently on some of the highest levels – “a new wind is blowing”, although not from the Holy Spirit. Even the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, among others, has criticized the trial as utopian to think they can make substantial changes in the pastoral practice, without thereby attacking the Catholic teaching on the family. Without condemning their intentions and for want of which I will assume the best and I regret having to name them, Cardinal Kasper and the Jesuit magazine Civiltà Cattolica are active promoters of this confusion, and it was sad to have to call them by name, but they are anyway . What has been banned as serious disobedience to the law of God, is now blessed in the name of His mercy. They justify what is unjustifiable, with the help of *subtle interpretations of texts and historical events. But those who really know the issue, have quashed these quibbles. Let us not forget what the Lord has promised us: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35).’

  • Is it possible that the anointing can surpass scholar’s interpretations? I think it is possible, but I would qualify that statement by saying there could be a deeper meaning, rather than a new meaning. I would add that we need to test the spirit. It would depend on who the scholars are.

    Let me give an example from Rick Joyner. I read that ‘people will say that, “I am the Messiah” meaning themselves.’ However, the Lord explained to Rick Joyner that the meaning is that, ‘people will say that, “I am the Messiah” meaning Jesus not themselves.’ In the end times, there will be people who will say that, “Jesus is the Messiah” but not by the Holy Spirit.

    Mat 24:4 Jesus said to them in reply, “See that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and they will deceive many. NAB

    If people say that, “Jesus is the Messiah” that is a true statement, but there could be a spirit of deception in those words.

  • Three weeks since the last message from the Book of Truth. Let us consolidate what we have been told, pray the prayers exhorted of us, and present our skeptical or unsuspecting fellows with the gist of the master plan revealed over four exciting years. No-one can say that Jesus has been sketchy with His information, and no one can deny that something is distinctly rotten in the state of the Vatican. Obviously it will hot up over the months to come.

    • The great reduction in message frequency shows indeed the great tribulation will shift into high gear. Be spiritually and physically ready.