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Analysis of the Fake MDM Message dated 6 May 2015

For the record: all genuine Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) messages that were released from 2010 through 4 March 2015 on her official (currently defunct) website http://thewarningsecondcoming.com are valid and worthy of belief. The purported “message” dated 6 May 2015 released through third parties was written by a conspirator to divide and cause confusion among those souls who believe in God’s prophet MDM and His messages regarding the Warning and the Second Coming. This purported “message” is not from MDM herself. Naive undiscerning souls are fooled. Please do pray the Crusade Prayers every day (get them here) and read the previously released messages (get them here) for essential information on our times.

In fact, the last officially published message (4 March 2015) is titled “My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you” says the following (in bold in the original):

My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you on the Path of Truth. These brave sacred servants of Mine will receive extraordinary Graces to enable Christians to see clearly, the difference between right and wrong. Take heart all of you and know that these Graces are now being poured upon these servants of Mine, for without their leadership you would find it difficult to proclaim the Truth.

That is exactly what this website is doing. May God bless all readers with true wisdom and discernment.


Please first read the situation explained here. What follows is a detailed analysis of the purported MDM message. The problematic portions are underlined, followed with an explanation in red text. Lastly a summary is provided.

Never before, since My Crucifixion, has Christianity endured such persecution

My dearly beloved daughter, My Tears flow in great torrents at this time as the Holy Word of God is being torn asunder.

Love for Me, Jesus Christ, has dissipated and the spirit of My Church is drying up so that, soon, it will become but just a desert. It will be bereft of life and only the true faithful among My Church will keep the Heart of My Love beating steadily, while everything else, which surrounds it, will become dehydrated with every ounce of life sucked from it.

Never before, since My Crucifixion, has Christianity endured such persecution because of contempt against the Word of God.

All that is held sacred in My Father’s Heavenly Kingdom is being decimated by man, whose heart no longer feels love for his Creator God the Most High. Those who remain faithful to Him, and who love and cherish Him, will feel His Pain within their hearts like a sword, which pierces and inflicts terrible suffering but which will not kill. For those with true love for God will be unable to separate from Him because they are attached to Him by an umbilical cord, which cannot be severed.
Grammar problem. The clumsy grammar with two ‘for’ words in the same clause is unbefitting of the Dignity of God, Who is perfect. One solution is that the sentence should not start with “For.” or the second “for” is better rendered “of”. Also, since this is Jesus (God) speaking, instead of “Him” the text should say “Me”, or perhaps “The Father” to distinguish the Divine Persons. Grammar is not a definitive sign, but rather a sign, a “smell.”

God, through His Mercy, will destroy His enemies who try to steal the souls of those whose names are contained in the Book of Life. My Time is almost upon you.

Never give up hope or despair, when you witness the work of My nemesis and the speed by which his cunning wicked ways are accepted by unsuspecting souls. I am firstmost (Slang “street” word “firstmost.” The word could be “foremost” or the phrase “first and foremost” or “first of all” in normal English. Again, as God is perfect, why would He speak in street talk? This word is not even listed in mainstream English dictionaries like Oxford and Mirriam Webster.) a God of Great Patience and My Mercy will be poured over the human race in abundance amidst the flames of My Love. These flames will instill a renewal of faith in Me by those who have fallen away from Me, just as they will destroy Satan and every demon and fallen angel who hold hostage those souls who belong to Me, but who have separated from Me. Suspected doctrinal error. At the Second Coming, which is before the 1000 Year New Era, Satan will not be destroyed but bound for a time as the Bible says (Apocalypse (Revelation) 20:2). Satan will be “destroyed” only at the end of the world, and to avoid a definite doctrinal error, “destroyed” has to be interpreted figuratively as cast into hell for eternity since angels, devils, and humans are all immortal, that is they never cease to exist, hence are not destroyed literally. If the Mercy being poured over refers to the Warning, then this is also a contradiction to previous prophetic messages. In addition, some souls who have fallen away from God will not allow Satan to be “destroyed” in their souls since they will choose him instead of God. Therefore this contradicts free will also.

My Time will come, but not before the world will see the signs foretold in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Truth. Do not fear Me. Prepare for Me. Reject the false promises made by My enemies. Remain true, always, to My Word. My enemies will have no part in My Kingdom. My beloved faithful, including those who call out to Me, during the Warning, will never die. For theirs is the New Kingdom – My Kingdom – the One promised to Me, the Messiah, the King for all time – a world without end.

This may be a time of confusion, division, sadness and a longing for those who represent Me on this earth to proclaim the Truth. But know this. I Am the Truth. The Truth never dies. My Kingdom is eternal and you, My beloved children, belong to Me. Come. Stay close to Me. I will lead you to your rightful inheritance. Trust in Me. Listen to Me through these Messages – the Book of Truth. It is God’s Gift to you so that you will never forget My Promise to come again to judge the living – those alive on this earth as well as those who died in My Favor.  Doctrinal error: Jesus will come to judge the living and the dead, not just the living, and not just those who died in His Favor, but also those who died in mortal sin and choose to go to hell. Absolutely every soul is judged by Jesus, without exception. We say that Jesus will come to judge the living and the dead in the Apostle’s creed and the Nicene creed (in Sunday Mass). Getting this wrong on dogma is a heresy, a fatal error regarding message authenticity. Secondly, those who died in God’s favor – the saved – are not judged again as are the living but rather only at the end of the world at the General Judgment, when all souls are judged, whether living (those in the New Era when the end of the world arrives) or dead (whether saved or damned).

I will show signs of every kind all over the world now. Those who are blessed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, will know they have been sent to you by the Command of My beloved Father.

Go in Peace. Listen to Me only through these messages at this time. Contradiction! This says that all other previous prophets (MDM is the prophet last to start) are “abrogated”, and ears closed to them, even though they provide God’s Word also. God does not give “prophetic exclusivity” to any one prophet. And, in fact, this contradicts previous MDM messages. Various prophets who began long before MDM continue to provide God’s Prophetic Word, such as Maureen Sweeney (Holy Love) and Pedro Regis. Here are some key excerpts for just a few previous MDM messages – there are many, many more. Notice the plural – “prophets” – not just singular “prophet.” God doesn’t contradict Himself, since that is impossible as He is Truth itself. Of course the devil contradicts God.

First Message received from Our Saviour Jesus Christ, Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 @ 03:00

There is not much time now for My prophets to help prepare mankind for this Great Event.

Call on Believers to convert lost souls, Friday, November 26th, 2010 @ 15:00

For others, they will refuse to listen even if the Word is spread through My prophets and visionaries of today.

Persecution of Genuine Visionaries, Monday, November 29th, 2010 @ 12:48

Those who suffer in Me, with Me and because of Me, are the genuine prophets. They are the souls who will be tormented, treated with contempt and condemned outright on My behalf. They will also be rejected by My own Church, though not by all My sacred servants. Devout followers, who follow My Teachings closely, will also be tempted to reject them, until, in time; the Truth will slowly dawn on them.

False Teachers & Prophets, Saturday, December 25th, 2010 @ 10:20

Those of you who have been given the Gift of the Truth, through the Scriptures, must open your eyes, now, and accept My Teachings and the prophecies given to My prophets. The time is finally approaching when I will return to Earth to reclaim My beloved followers. Through My modern prophets, I will, sadly though, still be rejected. You all must listen and read the Messages from Me, which are being given to you, out of Mercy, and understand the significance of them.

Warning to Believers not to reject genuine Prophets, Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 @ 11:00

My genuine prophets will be hated
Remember, I too was ridiculed, mocked, rejected and looked down upon by the elders and priests when I was on Earth. If I was hated, then you can be assured that My genuine prophets will be the most hated, just as they will be revered in other places. Shame on you all. My prophets will not spring from your groups, yet you must honour them. They will be the most unlikely prophets because of the lives they have led. Some will come from poor backgrounds. Some will come from wealthier backgrounds. Some will come with little education, while others will be born with the Gift of literacy. These are My chosen prophets. Listen to their voices before you condemn them.

My Word is not rejected out of fear, but because of sin of pride, Monday, November 14th, 2011 @ 20:15

Who dares to judge another through ridicule, in the name of Christianity, will have to face Me. He who sins against My prophets will also have to answer to Me. My Word is not rejected out of love. My Word is not rejected out of fear. No, it is rejected because of the sin of pride.

God the Father: You, My beloved children, have a glorious future ahead of you, Sunday, January 8th, 2012 @ 14:04

You, My daughter, are the end time prophet, who will suffer the most. Because of this Mission you will receive the last such Messages [i.e. the last prophet] of their kind for the world and will be the primary target of Satan and his minions. There are now many prophets who have been given a holy mission sanctioned by Me to help guide humanity.

I must warn the world of the large number of False Prophets, who at this time try to drown out My Voice, August 22, 2013

[Note: this message is very often offered to “prove” prophetic exclusivity for MDM, that is that she is the only prophet now. However, in that same message is yet more proof of God using multiple prophets. What is unique to MDM is the type of content (“of their kind”) to guide us through the persecution and to reveal the content of the Book of Revelation.]

I have sent a number of prophets, all with different missions, to prepare God’s children. These Messages, regarding the end times, are the only authentic Messages of their kind, at this exact time, for I would never confuse God’s children.

I Am as I Am. I stand before you, as it was meant to be, now. My Father would never permit Me to reveal the content of the Book of Revelation to anyone else but the seventh messenger, for this day has arrived.

Many authentic visionaries have given the world the Word of God in the past and suffered terribly for this. Many still receive consolation from Me and I will continue to communicate to them, for I need their suffering and prayers. They are My chosen souls and each has a role to play in saving other souls.

This Mission is the last. I instruct you to heed My Word, now, in the present. Only My Word, given to you through these Messages, will guide you through the persecution.

I love you all dearly and I have claimed you as Mine. Let no man attempt to steal one single soul from Me, for he will suffer eternal torment for his actions.

Summary: Doctrinal errors immediately invalidate a message, and this “message” has a certain doctrinal error, going against the dogma stated in the creed, and a suspected doctrinal error, depending on how a word is interpreted. There is also a direct contradiction of many, many previous MDM messages regarding more than one prophet at this time. While MDM is the last prophet that God has chosen, that is she is the last to begin a role of being prophet, this does not mean or imply that other prophets are now out of a job. God cannot contradict Himself. Lastly, God would speak better grammar than this, although that is minor compared to the other problems. Hence this “message” is a fraud from the pit of hell. Remember that the devil can provide 99% truth but slip in just a little lie to catch the undiscerning. This message doesn’t even reach the 99% truth level. Those who claim to be in contact with MDM to spread her messages are therefore also suspect, whether through ignorance or being part of the outright deception. All those doing so should cease immediately and wait for MDM to announce something publicly. Note that we have not heard publicly from MDM herself, rather only through the hearsay of these third parties. On such important matters, hearsay is not acceptable as in a court of law, so why should it be acceptable when your very salvation is at stake? Rather stick to the known MDM messages, March 2015 and earlier, and drop this one. It is likely that more fraudulent messages will be published and claimed to be from MDM. Unless we hear publicly from MDM, avoid them. Learn to discern. Pentecost is coming soon, so now would be a great time to say the Novena to the Holy Ghost for the gift of discernment. May God bless all those souls trying to discern, through the intercession of our Mother of Salvation. +