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Analysis of the Fake MDM Message dated 6 May 2015

For the record: all genuine Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) messages that were released from 2010 through 4 March 2015 on her official (currently defunct) website http://thewarningsecondcoming.com are valid and worthy of belief. The purported “message” dated 6 May 2015 released through third parties was written by a conspirator to divide and cause confusion among those souls who believe in God’s prophet MDM and His messages regarding the Warning and the Second Coming. This purported “message” is not from MDM herself. Naive undiscerning souls are fooled. Please do pray the Crusade Prayers every day (get them here) and read the previously released messages (get them here) for essential information on our times.

In fact, the last officially published message (4 March 2015) is titled “My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you” says the following (in bold in the original):

My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you on the Path of Truth. These brave sacred servants of Mine will receive extraordinary Graces to enable Christians to see clearly, the difference between right and wrong. Take heart all of you and know that these Graces are now being poured upon these servants of Mine, for without their leadership you would find it difficult to proclaim the Truth.

That is exactly what this website is doing. May God bless all readers with true wisdom and discernment.


Please first read the situation explained here. What follows is a detailed analysis of the purported MDM message. The problematic portions are underlined, followed with an explanation in red text. Lastly a summary is provided.

Never before, since My Crucifixion, has Christianity endured such persecution

My dearly beloved daughter, My Tears flow in great torrents at this time as the Holy Word of God is being torn asunder.

Love for Me, Jesus Christ, has dissipated and the spirit of My Church is drying up so that, soon, it will become but just a desert. It will be bereft of life and only the true faithful among My Church will keep the Heart of My Love beating steadily, while everything else, which surrounds it, will become dehydrated with every ounce of life sucked from it.

Never before, since My Crucifixion, has Christianity endured such persecution because of contempt against the Word of God.

All that is held sacred in My Father’s Heavenly Kingdom is being decimated by man, whose heart no longer feels love for his Creator God the Most High. Those who remain faithful to Him, and who love and cherish Him, will feel His Pain within their hearts like a sword, which pierces and inflicts terrible suffering but which will not kill. For those with true love for God will be unable to separate from Him because they are attached to Him by an umbilical cord, which cannot be severed.
Grammar problem. The clumsy grammar with two ‘for’ words in the same clause is unbefitting of the Dignity of God, Who is perfect. One solution is that the sentence should not start with “For.” or the second “for” is better rendered “of”. Also, since this is Jesus (God) speaking, instead of “Him” the text should say “Me”, or perhaps “The Father” to distinguish the Divine Persons. Grammar is not a definitive sign, but rather a sign, a “smell.”

God, through His Mercy, will destroy His enemies who try to steal the souls of those whose names are contained in the Book of Life. My Time is almost upon you.

Never give up hope or despair, when you witness the work of My nemesis and the speed by which his cunning wicked ways are accepted by unsuspecting souls. I am firstmost (Slang “street” word “firstmost.” The word could be “foremost” or the phrase “first and foremost” or “first of all” in normal English. Again, as God is perfect, why would He speak in street talk? This word is not even listed in mainstream English dictionaries like Oxford and Mirriam Webster.) a God of Great Patience and My Mercy will be poured over the human race in abundance amidst the flames of My Love. These flames will instill a renewal of faith in Me by those who have fallen away from Me, just as they will destroy Satan and every demon and fallen angel who hold hostage those souls who belong to Me, but who have separated from Me. Suspected doctrinal error. At the Second Coming, which is before the 1000 Year New Era, Satan will not be destroyed but bound for a time as the Bible says (Apocalypse (Revelation) 20:2). Satan will be “destroyed” only at the end of the world, and to avoid a definite doctrinal error, “destroyed” has to be interpreted figuratively as cast into hell for eternity since angels, devils, and humans are all immortal, that is they never cease to exist, hence are not destroyed literally. If the Mercy being poured over refers to the Warning, then this is also a contradiction to previous prophetic messages. In addition, some souls who have fallen away from God will not allow Satan to be “destroyed” in their souls since they will choose him instead of God. Therefore this contradicts free will also.

My Time will come, but not before the world will see the signs foretold in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Truth. Do not fear Me. Prepare for Me. Reject the false promises made by My enemies. Remain true, always, to My Word. My enemies will have no part in My Kingdom. My beloved faithful, including those who call out to Me, during the Warning, will never die. For theirs is the New Kingdom – My Kingdom – the One promised to Me, the Messiah, the King for all time – a world without end.

This may be a time of confusion, division, sadness and a longing for those who represent Me on this earth to proclaim the Truth. But know this. I Am the Truth. The Truth never dies. My Kingdom is eternal and you, My beloved children, belong to Me. Come. Stay close to Me. I will lead you to your rightful inheritance. Trust in Me. Listen to Me through these Messages – the Book of Truth. It is God’s Gift to you so that you will never forget My Promise to come again to judge the living – those alive on this earth as well as those who died in My Favor.  Doctrinal error: Jesus will come to judge the living and the dead, not just the living, and not just those who died in His Favor, but also those who died in mortal sin and choose to go to hell. Absolutely every soul is judged by Jesus, without exception. We say that Jesus will come to judge the living and the dead in the Apostle’s creed and the Nicene creed (in Sunday Mass). Getting this wrong on dogma is a heresy, a fatal error regarding message authenticity. Secondly, those who died in God’s favor – the saved – are not judged again as are the living but rather only at the end of the world at the General Judgment, when all souls are judged, whether living (those in the New Era when the end of the world arrives) or dead (whether saved or damned).

I will show signs of every kind all over the world now. Those who are blessed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, will know they have been sent to you by the Command of My beloved Father.

Go in Peace. Listen to Me only through these messages at this time. Contradiction! This says that all other previous prophets (MDM is the prophet last to start) are “abrogated”, and ears closed to them, even though they provide God’s Word also. God does not give “prophetic exclusivity” to any one prophet. And, in fact, this contradicts previous MDM messages. Various prophets who began long before MDM continue to provide God’s Prophetic Word, such as Maureen Sweeney (Holy Love) and Pedro Regis. Here are some key excerpts for just a few previous MDM messages – there are many, many more. Notice the plural – “prophets” – not just singular “prophet.” God doesn’t contradict Himself, since that is impossible as He is Truth itself. Of course the devil contradicts God.

First Message received from Our Saviour Jesus Christ, Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 @ 03:00

There is not much time now for My prophets to help prepare mankind for this Great Event.

Call on Believers to convert lost souls, Friday, November 26th, 2010 @ 15:00

For others, they will refuse to listen even if the Word is spread through My prophets and visionaries of today.

Persecution of Genuine Visionaries, Monday, November 29th, 2010 @ 12:48

Those who suffer in Me, with Me and because of Me, are the genuine prophets. They are the souls who will be tormented, treated with contempt and condemned outright on My behalf. They will also be rejected by My own Church, though not by all My sacred servants. Devout followers, who follow My Teachings closely, will also be tempted to reject them, until, in time; the Truth will slowly dawn on them.

False Teachers & Prophets, Saturday, December 25th, 2010 @ 10:20

Those of you who have been given the Gift of the Truth, through the Scriptures, must open your eyes, now, and accept My Teachings and the prophecies given to My prophets. The time is finally approaching when I will return to Earth to reclaim My beloved followers. Through My modern prophets, I will, sadly though, still be rejected. You all must listen and read the Messages from Me, which are being given to you, out of Mercy, and understand the significance of them.

Warning to Believers not to reject genuine Prophets, Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 @ 11:00

My genuine prophets will be hated
Remember, I too was ridiculed, mocked, rejected and looked down upon by the elders and priests when I was on Earth. If I was hated, then you can be assured that My genuine prophets will be the most hated, just as they will be revered in other places. Shame on you all. My prophets will not spring from your groups, yet you must honour them. They will be the most unlikely prophets because of the lives they have led. Some will come from poor backgrounds. Some will come from wealthier backgrounds. Some will come with little education, while others will be born with the Gift of literacy. These are My chosen prophets. Listen to their voices before you condemn them.

My Word is not rejected out of fear, but because of sin of pride, Monday, November 14th, 2011 @ 20:15

Who dares to judge another through ridicule, in the name of Christianity, will have to face Me. He who sins against My prophets will also have to answer to Me. My Word is not rejected out of love. My Word is not rejected out of fear. No, it is rejected because of the sin of pride.

God the Father: You, My beloved children, have a glorious future ahead of you, Sunday, January 8th, 2012 @ 14:04

You, My daughter, are the end time prophet, who will suffer the most. Because of this Mission you will receive the last such Messages [i.e. the last prophet] of their kind for the world and will be the primary target of Satan and his minions. There are now many prophets who have been given a holy mission sanctioned by Me to help guide humanity.

I must warn the world of the large number of False Prophets, who at this time try to drown out My Voice, August 22, 2013

[Note: this message is very often offered to “prove” prophetic exclusivity for MDM, that is that she is the only prophet now. However, in that same message is yet more proof of God using multiple prophets. What is unique to MDM is the type of content (“of their kind”) to guide us through the persecution and to reveal the content of the Book of Revelation.]

I have sent a number of prophets, all with different missions, to prepare God’s children. These Messages, regarding the end times, are the only authentic Messages of their kind, at this exact time, for I would never confuse God’s children.

I Am as I Am. I stand before you, as it was meant to be, now. My Father would never permit Me to reveal the content of the Book of Revelation to anyone else but the seventh messenger, for this day has arrived.

Many authentic visionaries have given the world the Word of God in the past and suffered terribly for this. Many still receive consolation from Me and I will continue to communicate to them, for I need their suffering and prayers. They are My chosen souls and each has a role to play in saving other souls.

This Mission is the last. I instruct you to heed My Word, now, in the present. Only My Word, given to you through these Messages, will guide you through the persecution.

I love you all dearly and I have claimed you as Mine. Let no man attempt to steal one single soul from Me, for he will suffer eternal torment for his actions.

Summary: Doctrinal errors immediately invalidate a message, and this “message” has a certain doctrinal error, going against the dogma stated in the creed, and a suspected doctrinal error, depending on how a word is interpreted. There is also a direct contradiction of many, many previous MDM messages regarding more than one prophet at this time. While MDM is the last prophet that God has chosen, that is she is the last to begin a role of being prophet, this does not mean or imply that other prophets are now out of a job. God cannot contradict Himself. Lastly, God would speak better grammar than this, although that is minor compared to the other problems. Hence this “message” is a fraud from the pit of hell. Remember that the devil can provide 99% truth but slip in just a little lie to catch the undiscerning. This message doesn’t even reach the 99% truth level. Those who claim to be in contact with MDM to spread her messages are therefore also suspect, whether through ignorance or being part of the outright deception. All those doing so should cease immediately and wait for MDM to announce something publicly. Note that we have not heard publicly from MDM herself, rather only through the hearsay of these third parties. On such important matters, hearsay is not acceptable as in a court of law, so why should it be acceptable when your very salvation is at stake? Rather stick to the known MDM messages, March 2015 and earlier, and drop this one. It is likely that more fraudulent messages will be published and claimed to be from MDM. Unless we hear publicly from MDM, avoid them. Learn to discern. Pentecost is coming soon, so now would be a great time to say the Novena to the Holy Ghost for the gift of discernment. May God bless all those souls trying to discern, through the intercession of our Mother of Salvation. +


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  • I fear that you are using an overabundance of human logic to interpret the Messages – this on your part plays heavily into distraction and not being obedient to Christ when He says we are not to interpret His Holy Word. They stand on their own and cannot lie. I have studied your highlights and find that you are seeking clues where there are none. What you should be doing is praying for the Gift of Discernment without condemnation or judgement because if you are wrong, then you too have committed Blasphemy which will deny Christ’s children from finding the Truth. Many are seeking your counsel because you are the Remnant Clergy but by making baseless opinion on this latest Message which is True and Sacrosanct no matter the grammatical or typo errors contained (as the prophet is human and she is the writer, not the Author) you are on a slippery slope in leading these flock astray. This is not the Authority you were given. You are asked by Christ in His Messages previous or otherwise to remain obedient and loyal – this is a test for all of us but particularly His clergy are and will continue to be at the beckoning of satan to draw you away from these Messages and away from God’s Truth – the Book of Truth! This is why Jesus pronounces that we listen to these Messages given to this prophet AT THIS TIME – THE TIME OF THE END – the End Time prophet who writes what Jesus tells her. This is the only Mission for the End Times giving us the foretold of Book of Truth. No one else, not another prophet has been given this specific task, although their tasks are somewhat common – they are not given any information about Christ’s Second Coming and the preparation involved. This is very specific and Jesus has asked for our absolute focus. What causes distraction and confusion is when those who claim they follow Christ in His Mission to mankind, twist and turn His Word into something that they define as Truth when in fact it is not what He Said or what He meant. Do not for the sake of your souls step back from the Truth sent to us through these Messages or this latest Message which is as authentic as all the others – one cannot be a lie because then all others would be deemed to be lies. This is not possible! We know this is Truth – those who believe with all their heart and soul in Christ’s Word through this Mission – we are not permitted to interpret. We are not permitted to give opinion away from Truth. We are not to make logical and humanistic conclusions about His Word. Be very careful now as we enter the darkest time in the history of mankind. Humanity are now on the precipice and we look to our shepherds, the True shepherds to guide Chríst’s lambs -The Remnant – the New Jerusalem to Paradise!

    • Dear Louise, THANK YOU! – Thank you for your posts.

      You certainly have been blessed with the Gift of Discernment, and are sharing your knowledge and understanding of the BOOK OF TRUTH for those of us less endowed.

      We are praying the CRUSADE PRAYERS daily at the request of Jesus and Mary. What better way for those of us on the home front of the Remnant Army – to assist and comfort Our Lord by praying the Prayers and offering our rosaries for lost souls to be saved.

      AND, we receive a treasure of Gifts and Graces as a thank you from Jesus and Mary!!! Much love to you in the 2 Hearts of Jesus and Mary, anne

      • Thankyou Anne for your kind words. Keep up your great commitment for the prayers needed to help Jesus Salvage souls through these uncertain times. We have all we need now – The Book of Truth giving us all the preparation and tools. God love you for your faithfulness and zeal to keep going forward no matter the snares along The Way. We are in this good fight together and together we will be united with Christ in Mystical Union in His Kingdom to Come! God Bless us all!

  • Stick to the basics, easiest most humble way of discernment. “Despise not prophecy but take that which is good and discard the rest”. Watch out for fear, it is not humility nor from God and is Satans #1 tool to control us.

  • “So many good and holy priests who have joined together to pull these Messages apart

    April 9, 2013 fatherofloveandmercy Latest Messages

    My dearly beloved daughter, there are so many good and holy priests who have joined together to pull these Messages apart, but they do not have the qualifications or the knowledge to do so. Their path is to serve God. They must not allow themselves to be contaminated like this, because this poses danger for those souls who recognise My Voice in these Messages.

    While parading New Age practices of the spirit, many priests believe that their knowledge of spirituality means that they have the talent to recognise a true prophet of God. So far removed are they from Me, that they cannot discern My Holy Word. I have not given them such graces, because pride stands in their way.

    To those of you, sacred servants of Mine, who plot, scheme and use the badge of your holy office in the service of God, as a means to turn your parishioners away from My Word, know that you will be punished. You do not truly know Me. You are not loyal to Me. You are ignorant of spiritual knowledge and you do not have the authority to publicly humiliate, pour scorn upon others or belittle anyone in My Name.

    Each one of you will have to answer to Me. I will punish you, not for your disbelief, but for the sin of pride, which makes you believe that you know more about spiritual matters than I, Jesus Christ, Your Master. How you wound Me. How you disappoint Me, because your betrayal has hurt My Mission, the last of its kind. For every sinner you pull away from Me, you will have to take on responsibility for their souls. And then, with a heaviness of heart, you will have to answer these questions, when the Truth is made known to you.

    Why did you reject My Cup when you were given the Truth, with love and trust, and when you knew in your heart that this was from Me? Why did you then try to destroy My Messages? Have you any idea as to the seriousness of the Holy vows you took in My Name? You must now go on retreat and read My Crusade Prayers. If you do this, then I will give you My blessing and the power of discernment. But only those with humble hearts can come to Me.

    Go back. Then come to Me naked. Leave all your jaundiced views, your biased opinion and your assessment of these Messages, based on hearsay, gossip and innuendo, behind you. When that day comes, I will baptise you anew and you will become pure again. Your souls will become like little ones and with a craving hunger for My Presence.

    I await your response. I Am all Loving. I Am all Merciful. Come to Me. I Am all you need.

    Your Jesus”

  • Here Jesus tells us in 2013 that we are to listen to ONLY THESE MESSAGES! Was Jesus wrong back then too?

    I must warn the world of the large number of false prophets, who at this time try to drown out My Voice

    August 22, 2013 fatherofloveandmercy Latest Messages

    My dearly beloved daughter, I must warn the world of the large number of false prophets, who at this time try to drown out My Voice.

    I have sent a number of prophets, all with different missions, to prepare God’s children. These Messages, regarding the end times, are the only authentic Messages of their kind, at this exact time, for I would never confuse God’s children.

    These Messages must never be compared to others, which are being spread everywhere, right now, in order to contradict My Holy Word. There can only be one Book of Truth – only I, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, can reveal the contents. Those of you who believe in Me can be so easily fooled. You must know that messages, which contradict these and where it is claimed that they come from God, that this is impossible.

    Do you trust Me only a little? Or do you embrace Me as I desire you to, with a full and open heart? I Call out to you with love and concern. I do not try to appeal to your intelligence. I Call to you through your heart and I draw your soul to Me. When you feel My Presence in these Messages, then there is no need to seek endorsement or approval from anyone.

    I Am as I Am. I stand before you, as it was meant to be, now. My Father would never permit Me to reveal the content of the Book of Revelation to anyone else but the seventh messenger, for this day has arrived.

    Many authentic visionaries have given the world the Word of God in the past and suffered terribly for this. Many still receive consolation from Me and I will continue to communicate to them, for I need their suffering and prayers. They are My chosen souls and each has a role to play in saving other souls.

    This Mission is the last. I instruct you to heed My Word, now, in the present. Only My Word, given to you through these Messages, will guide you through the persecution. With them, I bring you great Graces. You must never insult Me, by contaminating them, when you challenge My Word, when you compare My Messages with the fiction produced by false prophets.

    You do not need anyone to guide you towards My Great Mercy. You must focus only on these Messages and remain loyal to My Teachings of old, now, for they are your saving grace.

    Your Jesus”

    • Your interpretation that MDM is the only – exclusive – prophet contradicts dozens of previous MDM messages also, of which I quoted only a few. Notice what I said – your interpretation. What does the above message say?

      I have sent a number of prophets, all with different missions, to prepare God’s children. These Messages, regarding the end times, are the only authentic Messages of their kind, at this exact time, for I would never confuse God’s children.

      Notice: OF THEIR KIND AT THIS EXACT TIME. Notice in the very same message: number of prophets.

      Does this say that all other prophets are fired or laid off? No, that is your inference only. What the message really says is that MDM’s messages are focused on a particular kind, that is the Warning and Second Coming.

      How can God contradict Himself when He spoke dozens of times about other prophets through MDM herself? Does a valid discernment allow contradiction? Do you know that the Church teaches the philosophy of non-contradiction regarding truth (look it up)? Does God change His Mind?

      PS: I write “MDM” to shorten typing in a combox. That you impute disrespect shows your judgmentalism.

  • Louise, I believe you make some very excellent points and RC, out of concern for a corruption of the ministry of MDM, is rightfully sounding a legitimate warning, but I would say justified only because of its anonymity. It should at this time only remain a warning not a condemnation. Making such a judgment from this message is to me unfounded and thus could prove to be quite harmful. Please RC, re-evaluate your conclusion!

      • Thank you Remnant Clergy for this clear answer! I think it is even your DUTY to discern and analyse this message (as all others) because of the confusion that is and has been spread now. It is clear for me that a blind faith in one “new” message, while the website of MDM suddenly stopped, without any explanation on her behalf, paves the way for deception of naive followers of just one prohet who suudenly claims to be the only one! This Remanant Clergy did well to quote St Paul that we have to examine everything and keep what is good. Why would it be wrong just to follow St Paul’s holy advice which is particularly for these times just before the Second Coming?…

  • Deleted my comment did you… That says everything.. Truth hurst doesn’t it? You people are in so much error and God forgive you for slandering God’s Chosen Prophet and HIS DIVINE MESSAGE… you will all be made to know how much you have offended him very soon

  • Relax, Remnant Clergy (RC):

    I have looked over your objections to the “MDM” message. I believe you may be reading too much into some details; not that I am ready to say that this is the authentic MDM. I shall follow these new messages with a mind open to the possibility that this might be a counterfeit. It would be interesting to see if the writer can explain why she cancelled the old website and restarted a new one. The issue of authenticity would be settled if she simply reactivated the original website. Instead, she now uses a different website, raising the issue. Why? Is there a reasonable motive for this? Let’s see if “MDM” is forthcoming in providing an cogent explanation…

    Your first objection about “grammar” I think rather tends to confirm the message as authentic, not make it suspicious. I have often winced at errors of grammar and questionable English style in the messages. To find more of the same types of errors and stylistic clumsiness in this new message is simply to discover a parallel quality it has with previous messages of MDM. On the other hand, if this last were a perfectly written message, impeccable in style and grammar, it would rather raise doubts in me about its authorship. I find little merit in your first objection, and in the second one too, which is similar.

    The third objection about the “destruction of Satan” can easily be dismissed as a figure of speech in a message such as this written in a colloquial style. I can say “I drink a glass of water”, and it is understood that I drink the water, not the glass. Likewise, I can say “I destroy Satan”, or “I destroy Field Marshall Erwin Rommel”, to mean, not that I destroy Satan or the famous German military leader, but that I destroy their plans or the execution of their plans. There is no need to see a deep theological statement in this spontaneous colloquialism.

    About the issue of judging the “living”, this is a delicate point. Remember that “the living” for God and for men represent two different concepts. For example, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are alive for God but quite dead for most of us earth-dwelling human beings; and this holds not only for the Sadduccees but for men in general. As reported in Matthew 22:31-33, Jesus speaking to the Sadduccees and to us says:

    31″But regarding the resurrection of the dead, have you not read what was spoken to you by God: 32’I AM THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, AND THE GOD OF ISAAC, AND THE GOD OF JACOB ‘? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.” 33 When the crowds heard this, they were astonished at His teaching.

    Astonished indeed, Jesus calls “alive” those three patriarchs whom we can only consider to be quite “dead”. In normal human parlance, they are the deadest among the dead, probably not even bones but all reduced to dust!(The raising of the dead Lazarus back to life, in John 11, provides another example of the diverse meanings of living and dead that should be considered too.) “MDM” may be saying something more subtle than what at first meets the eye. Perhaps it might have something to do with a “rapture”? Or maybe she writes with the mindset (of God?) that “the dead” have already been judged and condemned, but not “the living” — as considered such by God? In any case, I think you need to consider the meanings of “living” and “dead” before drawing any conclusions.

    I think your last point is the most relevant and important. An authentic prophet listens and respects the Word of God. It does not matter if that Word manifests in her person or another person (or the Bible, or the Magisterium, or the local ordinary).

    Note that at this point we have slipped into another issue. One thing is to discuss whether “MDM” and MDM are the identical person and spirit. Another is whether either of them is of God.

    In fine, it may not matter whether MDM and “MDM” be different persons: maybe the same spirit moves them? Remember that the spirit of Elijah was also the spirit that prophesied through the “voice shouting out in the desert”, who was St John the Baptist. It should come as no surprise that if the devil and his minions silence one prophet, God raises another to continue the mission.

    The words of Christ the King come to my mind, in his answer to the Pharisees, who would have had him silence the “Hosannas” of the throng as he entered Jerusalem mounted on a donkey. He answered the Pharisees, “I tell you, if they were to keep silent, the very stones would cry out!” (Luke 19:40). In effect, God could confer on the stones the mission of prophesy, in place of the silenced human prophets!

    MDM might be shut down, but not the Holy Spirit. And as such might be the case, then maybe “MDM” (not unlike the stones) might be a substitute of the original, different in person but identical in mission. If that is so, then my queries above, too, might be out of bounds. Who am I to ask “MDM” for credentials based on my human prudence regarding the website? She could be God’s legitimate continuer of the first MDM, using another website. She, as one obeying God’s command, would have every right to take up the first MDM’s mission where it was left, in spite of my all too human misgivings. (All the same, it would be nice if she could present human credentials… At least it would make us feel more secure about her.)

    So much for the continuity between one MDM and another succeeding her: there is nothing about their identity or identities that would lead me to conclusively condemn this new message or its ultimate source. Pushing onward, your objection eventually must lead to the crucial matter of whether the “spirit” of MDM or “MDM”, is authentic. I believe that both seers (or the one seer) assert a certain exclusivity of mission, implying that the same spirit moves them in an identical mission and, at the same time, puts them/her above the other myriad prophets in our day proclaiming the advent of the end times.

    I do not have time to research the matter, but you, RC, who apparently are well read in MDM’s messages, should try to verify if this note of exclusivity is in the earlier messages known to be from the first MDM. I think that would suffice to identify the two as possibly one person and almost certainly as partaking in the same spirit and mission of prophecy.

    What I can recall of the earlier messages, and of my earlier reflection and conclusion on this matter of exclusivity, is that IF GOD chooses one prophet for a specific mission, who dare stop Him? Can He not send one prophet on one mission, another on another? What is so strange that MDM should be called to prophesy to the whole world at large as “the” end times prophet, helped by hundreds of others prophesying the end times but to more restricted regions or cultures or under other aspects?

    There are other prophets right now prophesying in other languages. Here is the website of “Jesus el buen pastor” (Jesus, the Good Shepherd), supposedly a Colombian priest prophesying for Colombia in these end times. He may be an authentic prophet, with a role complimentary to that of MDM.


    And there are many hundreds or even thousands of others seers posting on the internet and especially on You Tube. This fact alone seems to verify MDM in part: we are living in the end times, as predicted by Joel’s prophesy of a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit over humanity. It is remarkable how well so many of these prophecies coincide. (Yes, it could be a mass, hysterical deception; we must discern!)

    So while the statement you underline of MDM/”MDM”, namely,

    “Listen to Me only through these messages at this time”,

    does justify an attitude of caution, I think it does not justify by itself a condemnation. “Only through these messages” does not imply “exclude outright all the other prophetic messages”. It might mean, “read the other messages in light of these overarching messages given to you exclusively”. In other words, more is needed to conclude that the narrower (heretical, possibly schismatic) interpretation is the one intended by MDM.

    Maybe God has chosen MDM to be the prophet of the end times to the whole world; “Enoch”, only to Colombia and other Latinamerican countries; and many others still as other more local or cultural witnesses.

    It is in this sense that I have understood MDM’s mission. I do not think it is inconsistent with God’s way of using his prophets. Think of Daniel’s prophesies: these set out the future history of the world; and in that sense, Daniel was the “prophet of prophets” for the Old Testament, insofar as the other prophets tended to have a smaller scope for their prophecies, and therefore, a certain subordination to Daniel. Something similar could be said regarding St John Evangelist’s Book of the Apocalypse with regard to the prophecies of the New Testament. Now if God chooses to pick MDM/”MDM” as a prophetess among the prophets, we should respect the divine will and choice.

    So I am not so sure that this note of exclusivity, that you are quite right to point out, is necessarily a contradiction. Yours is a wise cautionary note to keep in mind. Nevertheless,it may be that MDM’s prophetic mission is at the top of a hierarchy among prophetic missions, and this is not inconsistent with God’s earlier prophetic missions but quite in step with His ways of ordering his prophets.

    Maybe the intention of this “exclusivity” means that we should consider MDM as the normative prophesy in a way analogous to the way Daniel and St John’s prophecies are normative in the Bible: as setting the hierarchical structure under which the other prophecies — also from God — are to be interpreted. Thus understood, this exclusivity would not contradict or exclude other prophecies, but indicate a dialectical tension among them which is quite typical in God’s dealing with mankind through his Word.

    So I do not think that the note of exclusivity represents a contradiction but only a dialectical tension, which we must make sure does not become a true contradiction, excluding other words coming from God. That would happen if she invalidates all other prophesies. Such an attitude is certainly not of God. The Holy Spirit respects all of his prophesies, it does not matter who utters them, whether a learned Pope or Balaam’s donkey.

    Finally, I should mention that I know a number of prophets or visionaries at a personal level. They are from humble walks of life, who do not take money from anyone, who have made previous predictions that came true or revealed super-human knowledge (e.g., the names of devils possessing particular persons, later expelled by use of their names with the authority of Christ). I trust them as friends and brothers in the Lord. Off hand, I would say that at least five of these have confirmed from their prayers that MDM is authentic, that “Enoch” is authentic, and that many of the prophecies they give are authentic. No, they do not agree with them on everything, but I would guess that a better than 80-percent agreement prevails among them. I have not yet put to them the question about the authenticity of this new message of “MDM”. I shall on the next opportunity (if I don’t forget). It will be interesting to see what they say, but not conclusive.

    What will be conclusive for me? I am waiting for the realization of that horrendous apostasy prophesied by MDM (and by all but one of these mystics whom I know personally): if Pope Francis proves once and for all that I should write his title between parentheses (i.e., “Pope Francis”) by misusing his authority to destroy the absolute centrality of the Holy Eucharist in the liturgy and in Christian life, and displacing God in favor of “humanity” or any other similarly contrived blasphemy, then MDM will be proven to be authentic in my judgement. Until then, I keep an “open mind”. — I had better clarify: I keep a mind open to truth and closed to error.

    Again, I say that RC ought to relax, let his hair down,… not be so inclined to see evil where it might not be. Yes, I know it’s hard in our times of deceptions and betrayals even at the highest levels, but pessimism has its dangers too, the devil can devour us with it.

    Sincerely, Fr Edgar R

    PS. I apologize to RC if I should be forced by limited time to not respond to any more concerns he may have regarding MDM. Besides, I have more questions than answers, as can be seen from my extensive note. Let’s watch and pray.

    • Dear Fr Edgar, thanks for the detailed response. I must travel for a couple of days and will begin to respond to your commentary later on Sunday.

    • We love you Father Edgar. We will be praying for you – for Satan’s demons are here to attack those who believe the BOOK OF TRUTH is being our instructions for what is coming upon us. May God continue to bless you, dear Father Edgar. In the 2 Hearts – anne PS: I’m going to copy and print what you wrote to us, and pass it on.

    • enoc is a false prophet i must say.
      here is a recent example of why:

      april 05, 2015 12:25 p.m. my sons, great changes are about to happen in my church!

      for this purpose, i elected pope francis,
      so that he be the one to unite my dispersed flock and bring again into my fold my lost sheep.
      i ask you for much prayer for my vicar, so that the forces of evil within the vatican not impede the renovation
      that i want to realize in my church.


      • You seem quite sure of yourself. If you’re wrong, then you have offended the Holy Spirit. No big deal(?).

        I am much less sure of how Enoch and MDM stand before God than you are.

        All things considered, I shall avoid judging the spirit operative in any seer on one snippet from their messages, or on even many snippets. The risk of error is too great: that of either blaspheming the Holy Spirit or falling into deception.

        I shall wait and see, praying for light and for these prophetic souls that climb out on a limb for no apparent personal advantage and for what? To be called liars and hypocrites? It’s possible that they are not liars. It’s quite possible that they are heroes willing to suffer abuse and ostracism for our good. They deserve that much respect.

        I’ll take the safer course of praying for confirmation and not judging.

        God bless, Fr Edgar

        • Yes, there is a delicate master how to discern genuine messages. Yet, the truth can not contradict the truth. MDM’s messages leave no doubts who is the False Prophet, whereas Enoch says something different. There are far more prophecies regarding False Prophet (e.g. contained in the book “The Great Battle is Unfolding” by Kelly Bowring), which make plausible that the current pope can be the False Prophet. So, it is plausible that Enoch’s messages are not authentic.

          • Enoc has gotten corrupted. If you check his messages before Bergoglio stole the Throne of Peter, you will find some providing information on the false prophet. Then you will see that he got complaints about them, so Enoc put his own commentary saying that he is not against the pope (meaning Francis), and then the messages following that support Francis. Enoc’s earlier messages are valid.

        • I certainly understand the magnitude of what I am doing, and have certitude of correctness.

          We are called to judge prophetic utterings as the Bible says, aren’t we? Aren’t you are following the Francis “who am I to judge approach”?

          MDM is not a liar, but whoever posted the 6 May 2015 “message” is, and done so deliberately. Enoc has gotten corrupted. If you check his messages before Bergoglio stole the Throne of Peter, you will find some providing information on the false prophet. Then you will see that he got complaints about them, so Enoc put his own commentary saying that he is not against the pope (meaning Francis), and then the messages following that support Francis. Enoc’s earlier messages are valid.

          That you don’t recognize with certainty about Bergoglio is certainly a sign regarding your own faith.

    • I will post in several replies to keep them shorter.

      Firstly, why are you so nonchalant about such a grave matter which affects the salvation of a great number of souls? One reason is that you don’t really believe MDM messages yet. You need a sign “if Pope Francis proves once and for all”, just like doubting Thomas. So this message (6 May 2015) is just another plausible message that you are waiting for confirmation, hence it’s not a big deal what is said. Those with more open spiritual ears know the truth of the genuine (before 6 May 2015) MDM messages, even before the coming obvious signs. Yes, you will get your signs during the Synod and afterwards, and certainly at the Warning. That you cannot recognize Francis as a fake already also shows your capability of discernment, better than many who refuse to believe that we an have a false prophet anti-pope while you are open to the possibility, but less than what it could be. In summary, you are not so sure about yourself, and that shows in your commentary. Of course those who accept the fake MDM message like it because it confirms what they want to hear. Being open to truth and closed to error is what it’s all about. I hope you realize that everyone here, whether they agree or not with the message, has that intent?

      Second, your house of cards speculation of an MDM followed by an “MDM” is completely invalidated since many here, along with many private emails that I have received claim that this message came from the real MDM. More in a another reply.

    • You make a very key point on the issue of authenticity of MDM in these circumstances. MDM just disappears without any explanation at all, and so the official channels of communication (website and related Book of Truth publishing) just stop. Then all of a sudden we have these third party sites claiming to publish new MDM messages for her. Red flag. A conspirator wrote the 6 May 2015 message, and not all distributors are simply being duped. This is a high stakes war, the salvation of souls in the End Times, and the devil is doing all he can to discredit the truth of what has been revealed already.

      Yes, I am praying that MDM does make a public statement soon, and in fact she is obligated to do so given these problems that are now upon us.

    • Grammar alone is not a definitive criteria, but the dignity of God has to be communicated since He is the author of all prophecy. God knows how to speak well, so that is a sign. Dismissing grammar as effectively irrelevant fails to take into account God’s Dignity, and saying that a more poorly constructed sentence actually increases the validity of the message is laughable. MDM messages do have a lot of punctuation, which can be explained that as Jesus speaks in phrases, then MDM writes those down, using punctuation to distinguish the phrases. Having followed MDM in detail from the early days (and prophecies in general for 45 years), I did not have a grammar problem until this “message.”

      • “Grammar problem. Sentence should not start with “For.””

        I did a search on all the messages in the PDF file using “. For” and there were 620 instances. “Forgiven” (44 sentences) and “Forgotten” (1 sentence) were other words that were picked up.

    • On judging the living only, we know that Catholic dogma says both the living and the dead. When Jesus speaks of living, He uses typically “sleeping” for those physically dead but alive eternally. Using the word dead is typically for those condemned to hell. Anyone paying attention to Francis SOP (standard operating procedure) is to OMIT key doctrine to over-emphasize other parts. Have you noticed the almost total lack for the need for repentance from Francis in all his utterings, as this year of mercy and the synod process to offer “forgiveness” without any repentance shows? This message follows the exact same process. As you know the Church is very careful in formulating how to speak on key dogmas, and God certainly is not careless or vague on these critical dogmas. Subtle you say? Jesus says the opposite – say yes or no, anything else is of the devil. As we observe in Francis’ documents, lots of words are used to hide error and provide ambiguity. You offer lots of words to deal with the key omission of judgment in this “message.”

      The Warning is a “mini-judgment” when only those alive on earth (physically) will see their judgment, but not suffer the consequences – at that time – of what they see. But that is not the Second Coming when Jesus comes again.

    • Your analogy of “I drink a glass of water” doesn’t match the style of original text since you are referring to two things, a container (the glass) and a contained (water), while the MDM message refers directly to the object, that is Satan. As described in my analysis, this problem is not as direct, however the problem remains that the impression left is that Satan is destroyed (figuratively – that is cast into hell) forever at the Second Coming, which is not the case. That happens only at the end of the world. This part of the message smells bad even if it is not completely rotten.

    • As to the exclusivity, reading the comments, as well as the private emails, makes it totally obvious that the intended interpretation (by the conspirator author) is having its intended effect, that is the literal exclusivity is claimed by many MDM believers. That in spite of literally dozens of real MDM messages which say otherwise, and in fact includes the very messages usually quoted to “prove” exclusivity. It reminds me of how Protestants ignore John chapter 6 on the Eucharist and explain it away. The message text is very clear in this regard, although you try and explain it away as “normative” or “dialectical tension.” If you have studied MDM prophecies over the years, you will notice that they are quite direct, rather than being subtle. Remember which creature is the most subtle in Genesis? God is certainly not into contradictory means, that is “dialectical tension.”

      The bottom line is that never in recorded history, back to Genesis, is there a “prophetic exclusivity” given to any human person. And then all the other prophets – mentioned dozens of times in genuine MDM messages – are abruptly and all of a sudden laid off, fired, out of a job. And all this with MDM just disappearing off the scene, then again suddenly from nowhere there is a message saying so regarding all other God’s prophets? It is utterly ludicrous to even consider such a thing as even a possibility, yet actually happening in front of our eyes.

      But since you don’t fully accept MDM prophecies anyway, such a point is not a problem for you with regards to this supposed MDM message. However, do you really think that God would operate in that manner in general?

      PS: no, this is not mass hysteria, rather that is a mechanism for you to deal with your own doubts.

    • I will take at face value, per your name Fr. Edgar, that you are a priest of the Catholic Church, and will address you as such in regards to the above message. Beginning and ending your post with ‘relax’, is prideful, condescending, disdainful, snobby, and ‘superior’. You plant seeds of confusion with your words of uncertainty: if, let’s wait and see, maybe, not sure, I am not sure, Who am I?

      Woven throughout your post is an insidious crumb trail, planting the suggestion of a second seer, to continue MDM’s messages. Slipping in uncertainties, then starting another paragraph discussing bible prophets does not hide this fact. Subtly inserting the suggestion of mass hysterical deception in regards to the large amount of souls believing MDM’s messages is very sly.

      I think God is not using dialectical tension at his time. His goal is to clearly and simply speak to us now for our salvation. We are in the End Times. You are a priest. What a mess.

  • Everyone here needs to stop blickering with each other and get praying…you are bringing the evil one in this thread…Jesus does NOT want us to be at odds with each other. we just have to state his words.. there will always be naysayers….we can lead them to water but we cant make them drink

  • The grammar problem.
    The following verses are taken from the Douey translation:

    Matthew 24:38
    For as in the days of Noe, so shall also the coming of the son of man be.

    Luke 8:17
    For there is not anything secret that shall not be made manifest, nor hidden, that shall not be known and come abroad.

    Acts 20:16
    For Paul had determined to sail by Ephesus, lest he should be stayed any time in Asia.

    • Read the whole clause as described in the analysis. It does not refer to merely starting a sentence with “for” – “For those with true love for God.” Does God speak so awkwardly given His Dignity and Knowledge?

  • Judging the Living and The Dead

    Omitting the fact that the dead are also judged does not negate the truth that the dead are judged as the Apostles Creed states. The living are the just who reign with Christ for 1000 years. The dead are those who are raised after 1000 years to be judged according to their works. There are two groups separated by 1000 years. Recall that to the Lord one day is as a thousand years. The Day of the Lord can be seen as the last of seven milleniums since creation. On the seventh day He rested. This is the era of rest, from sin, war, whatever. None of this contradicts Catholic teaching.

    • Thank you, Stephen. This has always been difficult for me to understand.

    • Clarification of my comment above.
      In this message our Lord states:

      ” It is God’s Gift to you so that you will never forget My Promise to come again to judge the living – those alive on this earth as those who died in My Favor.”

      This is parallel to the following from 1 Thess.4:14-17:

      14 For this we say unto you in the word of the Lord, that we are alive, who remain unto the coming of the Lord, shall not prevent them who have slept.
      15 For the Lord himself shall come down from heaven with the commandment, and with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God: and the dead who are in Christ, shall rise first.
      16 Then we who are alive, who are left, shall be taken up together with them in the clouds to meet Christ, in the air, and so shall we be always with the Lord.
      17 Wherefore, comfort ye one another with these words.

      Nowhere in this passage is the resurrection or the judgment of the dead that are not in Christ mentioned. That’s because He is referring an event that occurs before the last 1000 year era of His rule. The rest of the dead are not raised until after this period. Read Rev.20

      As this part of the message accords with scripture it is hard for me to believe that it contradicts Church teaching.


  • “Listen to Me only through these messages at this time. ”

    Note that this is Jesus speaking, not Mary.
    So this does not exclude current apparitions of Mary, such as Medjugorje and Pedro Regis.
    It does knock on the head, however, Holy Love, and other people claiming to have visions/locations from Jesus.

      • I believe Jesus is speaking to the Remnant here – He never says other prophecy is false, but needs His Remnant to be totally focused on his Voice in these Messages at this time, as time is so short now. You have hugely disappointed me in taking apart this beautiful Message from Jesus, received exactly how He told us he would speak to us periodically from now on – “through the Remnant”. You have fallen into the trap of all the other detractors by seeking to analyse according to your flawed human wisdom, as God’s Ways are far above our ways. We have been asked not to do this through the Messages, but just to pray – (preferably before the Blessed Sacrament) – for discernment if we don’t understand anything, and then to be silent rather than blaspheme the Holy Spirit. I recognized Jesus’ Voice in this message and wept as I was reading it. I had missed the particular way Our Lord speaks to MDM – and us through her. We have been granted such a singular Grace and Privilege, to be taken into Jesus’ Confidence as He prepares to come again. The Message is definitely genuine, I have it on the highest authority. Please be humble enough to admit you made a mistake, (and no, i do not intend to go through your analysis word by word and show you where, as we have been specifically asked not to do this.) Come on Remnant Clergy – we love you! We will have no choice but to avoid coming here again if you continue in this vein. So, so, sorry you have taken this path. God Bless you, and I will be praying and offering Masses for you.

        • AMEN, Jan. Thank you for this much needed post.
          Much love in the 2 Hearts.

        • Just so beautifully articulated Jan! Here! Here! Bravo! The simple Truth can never be found to be a lie – Jesus’ Words to us through His last prophet, the Seventh Angel of Revelation are indeed Truth – simply stated and profound! The last 2 Messages in recent times are as profound and deeply wise as all the others. Those who do not seek to question Jesus’ Speaking authentically in these Messages, by far have the most peace, joy and contemplative prayerfulness – and it is by this fruit that we will know them!

      • There are people who may not be aware of Holy Love, Pedro Regis, Enoc, and others who claim to receive messages.

  • The message IS authentic! It is from Jesus speaking to MDM!
    The message was published at http://www.dasbuchderwahrheit.de which is the official German Website representing the Book of Truth. The website’s Operator is in contact with Mary. He got the message from her.

    • Thank you so much, Madeleine. I will remember to pray for you and Jan.

      • No it is not her Website but the Operator is always in contact with Mary. He has always translateds the Messages and he has received this new one from Mary personally.

        • And Mary will start her Website again, this is NOT the end just like promised!
          Concerning other prophecies: Jesus told us that all real Messages will end and the Book of Truth will be the only voice in the desert what means, that we should by now concentrate on the Messages of the Book of Truth for this is the very last Mission.

          • I hope the day for the return of MDM’s OFFICIAL website is immediate, and I will only accept official MDM messages released directly through her. In justice she owes us an explanation now. Prophets don’t just disappear from the scene, nor use third party distributors as the official mouthpiece. Until then, these third party distributors are spreading lies, whether through being duped or being part of the deception. Yes, this 6 May 2015 “message” is a deception from a conspirator.

            No, Jesus did not say the only messages are the Book of Truth. He said that their focus is the Warning and Second coming. Didn’t you read all the messages over the years that explicitly state “prophets” in plural? Why do you ignore all those? Why? And the message usually quoted to claim “prophetic exclusivity” actually mentions multiple prophets in the same paragraph. Why do you ignore that?

          • Can I ask who this ‘Mary’ is that you refer to please? This is not the name of the visionary who writes the Messages Jesus Authors.

        • That’s the claim, not the truth. God’s prophets don’t use third party distributors. They never have and they never will. This is merely part of the deception – prophetic messages through simply hearsay.

  • What i do no is that I need to pray more. Silent like jesus and mary were at calcary. I have not read the said message of may 6th…yet I have started reading it in french. I have 30 years of experience with true and false messages. I have been reading MDM messages for about 3 years. This much I can say: The said message of May 6th doesn’t sound like Our Beloved Savior who has graced us with His Most Holy and Divine Presence. The fact of the matter is are we all praying the prayers given to us? Do we pray the rosary? Do we go and recieve Our King at the most Holy alter of His Divine Demonstrated love? Messages are secondary…Doing His Will is Primary. Jesus died so that we would understand this.

    • Fidelis, Jesus and Blessed Mother are always asking us to pray the Rosary, Visitation in front of The Blessed Sacrament and Divine Mercy Chaplet. This Mission could not be successful if we didn’t hold this as our paramount duty. Jesus has even told us that the Prayers are the most important and the Messages have less importance – by prayer we are given Graces and we are also instrumental in helping Jesus Salvage souls. He relies on His Remnant to bring Him the souls of the lost, broken, in the wilderness, those who know Him but look the other way, those who deny Him, those in darkness etc. But how on earth does all this negate Christ Speaking to us just as profoundly in His latest Message – just because it ‘doesn’t sound’ like Jesus. When I read it, I had that same feeling of love and closeness to Christ that I had when I read the very first paragraph of a random Message I first clapped eyes on back in 2012. ALL of these Messages are Authentic and it is only human reasoning and logic which interferes with our ability to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s Breath over each and every Message given to us through the Seventh Angel.

  • With all due respect brothers and sisters in Christ please stop this arguments, don’t you noticed that we are been fooled by the devil, he (satan) just created a division in us. Can’t we just forget this particular message and forget all the accusations we just made with each other. Jesus does not promote division in GOD’s children , we must unite in prayers, we must forgive each other, we must respect each others opinion, the enemies are so powerful, if we are not united in faith and in prayer we will be fooled and destroyed by the devil. So please stop this arguments, we are in the path of divisiveness and destruction Let peace remain in our hearts for Jesus our Lord is the KING OF PEACE!

    • Yes, this fake MDM message did cause great division, so that itself is a sign. I agree that everyone should forget the “message” dated 6 May 2015.

  • Ok…agreed…done…and let’s all prepare for the warning by sanctifiying our souls by true fraternal charity. I go off line about the said message dated 6 may, 2015. Now. Fideilis ad verbum Deus.

  • “Grammar problem. Sentence should not start with “For.””

    I did a search on all the messages in the PDF file using “. For” and there were 620 instances. “Forgiven” (44 sentences) and “Forgotten” (1 sentence) were other words that were picked up.

    • Read the whole clause. You approach the criticism like a Protestant does the Bible, pick a phrase and go with that to “prove” the point. Does God speak so clumsily? “For those with true love for God”

  • Personally for me the “listen to Me only through these messages” is not quite enough to discount the message but RC would HAVE BEEN NEGLIGENT to not note this for what could well prove to be a set up for a FUTURE MISLEADING message for those who fail to be cautious here I do not think the “judgment for the living” is certain enough as evidence of any such misleading at this point. If any future message leads to the notion already expressed by Francis that those who are lost pass out of existence and thus do not face judgment then RC has correctly discerned this message as of the Evil One. So far I cannot imagine anyone actually being misled by anything said in this new message. That being the case I think there should be a few more “wait and see” posts on this site. Now perhaps the greatest threat from this autonomous source under the color of MDM is to cause a discrediting to the previous messages of MDM! This would not require any obvious heresy but simply innocent looking mistakes of the nature pointed out by RC. Again however there is no need to panic just yet! Let’s see where this goes!

    • The setup for future lies is clearly part of the plan. So I will be the canary in the coal mine on this topic. Canaries are the first to detect problems.

  • Good advice, Remnant Clergy. Let’s indeed forget this fake message and concentrate on strides after personal sanctity. We have a vast array of (traditional) Catholic literature from which we can be sure to learn how to be holy. As the Pentecost Novena prayers say, “Only one thing is important–eternal salvation. Only one thing, therefore, is to be feared–sin.”

  • # 2 – “Also, since this is Jesus (God) speaking, instead of “Him” the text should say “Me”, or perhaps “The Father” to distinguish the Divine Persons.”

    MDM on Sept 10, 2012
    “If God does not exist then why do you hate Him?”

    MDM on May 6, 2014
    “My dearly beloved daughter, let no man doubt, for one moment, that God would ever allow His children to fall away from Him, without doing all in His Power to save them.”

  • # 3 – “Suspected doctrinal error. At the Second Coming, Satan will not be destroyed but bound for a time as the Bible says (Apocalypse (Revelation) 20:2). ”

    MDM on April 19, 2011
    “God the Eternal Father has already responded and acted in this way. Now, as the time approaches to destroy Satan and his followers, further ecological unrest will be unleashed by God, in His Mercy. He will do this to prevent Satan and all his corrupt human puppets, who salivate at the prospects of the riches and glory he promises them through his psychological powers.”

    MDM on June 7, 2012
    “A further 5 million have now been released. The time for God’s army in Heaven, to destroy Satan, has begun. The time for My Army on earth to gather arms has also begun.”

    • The time when Satan will be fully “destroyed” (stuck in hell) is at the end of the world, which is after the 1000 Year New Era of Peace. Read carefully the prophetic Word: “as the time approaches, The time … has begun“. Yes, the time is approaching, the time has begun, but it’s not here (completed) until the end of the world, and not at the Second Coming.

  • #4 “Contradiction! This says that all other previous prophets (MDM is the prophet last to start) are “abrogated”, and ears closed to them, even though they provide God’s Word also. God does not give “prophetic exclusivity” to any one prophet. And, in fact, this contradicts previous MDM messages.”

    MDM on Dec 7, 2012
    “During this time many false prophets will make themselves known so that their voice drowns out Mine. Then one amongst them
    will try to destroy you.”

    MDM on Aug 22, 2013
    “My dearly beloved daughter, I must warn the world of the large number of false prophets, who at this time try to drown out
    My Voice.

    I have sent a number of prophets, all with different missions, to prepare God’s children. These Messages, regarding the end times,
    are the only authentic Messages of their kind, at this exact time, for I would never confuse God’s children.

    This Mission is the last. I instruct you to heed My Word, now, in the present. Only My Word, given to you through these
    Messages, will guide you through the persecution. With them, I bring you great Graces. You must never insult Me, by
    contaminating them, when you challenge My Word, when you compare My Messages with the fiction produced by false prophets.

    You do not need anyone to guide you towards My Great Mercy. You must focus only on these Messages and remain loyal to
    My Teachings of old, now, for they are your saving grace.”

    • Read the comments about multiple prophets in response to others.

      In general, let’s hear Maria Divine Mercy herself confirm this publicly, rather than through hearsay of folks like yourself, who are either duped or part of the plan. Where in history did a prophet disappear and then have third parties instead provide the Word of God from them? We await your results. And why does that situation not bother you?

  • Who made the arrangements for the 4th Edition of the Book of Truth to be made available to us through the new publisher Icon House, along with the Seal of The Living God Scapulars and medals in lieu of Coma Books, the original publisher?

  • Remnant Clergy, Brothers and Sisters of the Army of God. STOP fighting among ourselves,and stop using the words of God as your platform for attack. For the unbelievers uses this weapon against the truth. God is not the author of confusion… 1 Corinthians 14:33. Remnant Clergy is biblical correct this new message contradicts THE WORD OF TRUTH. Jesus stated through out the messages he can not change God’s words. The Book of Truth fulfills the WORD OF TRUTH. Jesus gave us a prayer to ask for the discernment to know that a message came from him. Please use it. Let Jesus speak to your heart. Please Pray Pray Pray…Maria Divine Mercy is The End-time Messenger. She is not the General of the Remnant Army; sacred servants loyal to God’s Words, and Jesus Christ are the Generals who will take the Truth into the World to harvest souls for Christ.

    • Lies from the devil always cause division. Of course we cannot remain silent in the face of lies because there will result debate. Pope Felix III: “Error which is not resisted is approved; and truth which is not defended is oppressed.

      Stick to the genuine (March 2015 and earlier) MDM messages and there will be no debate here.

  • There is obviously something in this alleged message that has triggered controversy. This has not happened with earlier messages with those of us who believe them. This fact alone should be a red flag. If RC and others are seeing things that don’t add up I can trust that. Let’s see what follows.

    • A perfect deduction my dear watson! Ah ha! 🙂 Sorry I’m at the laughing stage. 😉

  • I remember when the website was shutdown, there was a post on the Jesus to Mankind Facebook page that any updates and NEW MESSAGES will be at this new website and if you want to be notified of new posts to provide your email.

    I sent an email and found the reply to me. This was the website: https://filamena2015.wordpress.com/

    That website was soon deleted and mdmlastprophet.com appeared.

    • mdmlastprophet.com was not created by instructions from Maria Divine Mercy. Perhaps the timing suggested that, but it’s not the case. Neither do I know why the filamena2015 website disappeared.

  • i have read many comments and arguments regarding this last MDM message dated May 6, 2015, my purpose is not to determine who is right or wrong, but to give my point of view regarding this matter. RC made his analysis on this message based on dogmas of the Catholic church, which he believes is true base on his experience and comparison to the previous messages of MDM. What is wrong with that? i’m not depending RC, but it is just an opinion, it is up to the reader if they will believe him or not? Even Jesus cannot force us to believe in HIm. If the analysis of RC is against the Holy will of God, then he will be responsible for his actions. I believe that the TRUE WORD OF GOD does not need to defend, for it will stand by it’s own. I have also noticed that some comments defending the last message of MDM were full of hatred and insults to the one who only gives his opinion (RC), WHY? Does hatred and insults comes from our Lord Jesus Christ? Does Jesus told us to have a debate with the unbelievers in defending the Word of God? I don’t think so! If RC makes this analysis deliberately to destroy this last MDM message, then he is the only one responsible for it, only Jesus can judge him. There is nothing good comes from this arguments only division and destruction for the faithful. All we have to do is PRAY!

    • “some comments defending the last message of MDM were full of hatred and insults to the one who only gives his opinion”
      I don’t think it is hatred but dissapointment….
      I know for sure that the message is real because indeed Mary has got her helpers in this Mission – one of them (the German one) has always been in direct contact with her and has always helped with publishing the Messages as well the book. He has always got the message BEFORE it was officially posted at http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.net directly from Mary. Sometimes it was posted at his German Homepage BEFORE it was on the English one. And the new message he has also got from her! Jesus wanted her to Close the Website for a while. That’s fact, I am sorry.

      • And there are traitors within as well. Most people here just repeat what they heard from people whom they trust, which is not to say that those sources are trustworthy.

  • Peace to you all and let us Thank Our Heavenly Father that His Mercy is just that, HIS MERCY. I am just so thankful for His Providence in this seriously twisted world we must live in ‘for now’, Greatful and Thankful for His Fatherly Love. I am so filled with gratitude for Our Father and His Very Being. A most perfect Father which will never stop loving us and giving what a Most Holy Father would to His children.
    I just am filled overflowing with joy at His Providence, He has given us such an Awesome Gift, but He always has and does blow my mind with His Very Being and Providence amoung us. Seriously, I had asked Our Father so much about the twisted things of the world as of lately, like, Father, what of this or that? And just recently I came to these messages of Maria Divine Mercy, and BAM He answered all my questions, confirmed things I thought and so much more. Such is HIM though, He NEVER EVER ceases to amaze me and HE always answers my questions to HIM, sooner or later, I suppose now it had to be sooner seeing what is. Please, please, please…like He says, better to be silent then say something you might be wrong about. One thing seems so, that so much is thought of toooo human and especially about spiritual matters. I honestly can see why He is doing these things the way He is[her remaining unknown], for I know full well what happens the other way, in what then becomes the focus and the diversions of satan. Also, so very many true visionaries, past and present have said the same core of these messages, these now have special attention to what is needed NOW in this time, so desperately needed RIGHT NOW. I had many spiritual happenings and gifts in the past 5 yrs, when I went to the Church about them, most priests did not believe, they didn’t want to deal with it, they were fearful of ‘getting involved’, honestly, I felt for them, they had looks of scared little boys. I truly love His priests, I made them brothers from young because I didn’t have human brothers and longed for them.
    The same week in Mass, one of the priests I went to in his homily talked of the Spirit, things seen and unseen…? So many speak of His Power and Spirit, but don’t believe it when one comes to them with spiritual happenings. Are they not the Churches Physicians in these matters, they are the very ones we are to go to for these things and yet, ‘so many’ are turned away. So be it, I went to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with the Blessed Mother, Angels, Saints and all my questions have been answered through different ways and means that could not be denied for those with faith and BELIEVE HIS
    POWER. Things have to be looked at spiritually, not so much human thought. I see what these messages are saying and so many cannot deny they are happening consistently.
    Through my experience, I went to the Lord about the Church because I kind of was shocked at the response…now it all makes sense.
    I love His Church, His Priests and believe ‘Hell will not prevail’
    I love His Being so much and know He IS Thee Perfect Father

  • Please accept my comment.

    Jesus says in the message of Jan. 12, 2011 about judgment day, or the final day, (in other words, the Second Coming), ‘the time when I arrive back on this earth’.

    That means physically, not spiritually.

    Instead of calling that message “fake”, how about doing the prudent thing. Say, we do not know if that message if from MDM or not. Until we hear from her, we will keep the question open.

    That way there is no division, no insults, no hurt, no pride and arrogance, and no insulting Jesus if the message turns out to be from Him.

    People may have different beliefs, some right, some wrong.

    That is the problem with so-called Bible “experts”, and ” Catholic theologians” and the church. They try to evaluate a “message” based on false beliefs. If a message doesn’t agree with their false beliefs, they might say that the message is not true.

    That is why the church doesn’t accept the MDM messages.

    We have to remember that we are all on the same side. Eventually, we will understand things better. Helping one another and being kind is what matters.

    Whether Jesus reign physically or spiritually when He returns, is not the big concern for now. What is the concern is what happens up until He returns.

    Someone had said that the second coming is the final day, and that there is no 1000-year reign, or anything, after that.

    The second coming is the final day.

    That means the final day for the present earth. The 1000-year reign comes after that on a renewed earth.

    That is the era of peace, the kingdom of God, the kingdom of the Divine Will.

    That means that the earth will be restored to the way it was in the beginning.

    • I know with absolute certainty that the purported 6 May 2015 “message” is a fake, and that it was written by a conspirator trying to damage the MDM mission. You call the fake judgment as imprudent. So be it. We disagree.

  • I posted the below on May 18th so how can you say “with absolute certainty” that the May 6th message is a fake when you had a problem with Jesus saying “Him” and there are 2 MDM messages (see below) that say “Him”?

    “# 2 – “Also, since this is Jesus (God) speaking, instead of “Him” the text should say “Me”, or perhaps “The Father” to distinguish the Divine Persons.”

    MDM on Sept 10, 2012
    “If God does not exist then why do you hate Him?”

    MDM on May 6, 2014
    “My dearly beloved daughter, let no man doubt, for one moment, that God would ever allow His children to fall away from Him, without doing all in His Power to save them.””

    • Frank, look at the whole analysis, not just pick one part.

      So then, are you in direct contact with the real MDM, or just through 3rd parties that you trust? If through 3rd parties, is that face to face or only through email / chat / phone where you cannot be sure who is on the other end?

      Do you speak to MDM personally face to face or only through email / chat / phone where you cannot be sure who is on the other end?

  • A consensus: May 6, 2015 , is JESUS ! rendering satan hostage is “destroying” him! God made language, HE is not bound by it- ! God does not need to explain Himself For that would be the contradiction because God is Clarity and understanding! BOW Down before Him!!! You have stopped up your ears! Listen to Our God! Praise Him in this mdm message!

  • I have contacted the admin team who volunteer and work directly for Maria Divine Mercy who use to manage the warning second coming website. They have assured me that the 6th May message IS NOT A FAKE. Our Lord has told us over and over in the messages that we are not to analyse them or debate them, which is exactly what you are doing. Please , you need to post the message WITHOUT ANY COMMENT or you will be guilty of leading people away from God’s truth!

    God bless you and protect you from Satan’s temptations

    • More hearsay, and nothing buy hearsay. I say let’s hear from MDM herself! Anything else is easily corrupted by the “staff” of which I have had interference from while trying to communicate with MDM some time ago. They cannot be trusted.

  • I have spoke to M.D.M herself last week, and she told me that the message is ok.

  • What about the prophecy of Our Lady appearing at all Her apparition sites again by spring 2014? I don’t remember if that was on the original site or another one.

    • She didn’t say she would appear to you personally. Or publicly. Or to the original seers. In the case of Fatima, that would be pretty difficult! And did everyone see her the first time she appeared? No. They saw the sun and some people saw other signs. Or none at all. But they believed! So I do believe that chosen individuals have seen Blessed Mother appear at these places in the Spring. Do you think they would be hailed by the media? Those who saw Mary may not even tell many people. Faithful South American tourists in fact did see and photograph Our Lady as she appeared in the sky above a pilgrimage Crusade Prayer Group who were praying the Rosary. We saw the photo but it was not emailed as promised to the CP group, the SA group of tourists possibly having misplaced the email address hurriedly scribbled down. It doesn’t matter though. The miracle was clearly for the SA group who took the photo. Miracles actually abound, but not everyone hears of them. God bless+++

  • One more thing. I remember a much earlier message where Jesus said that God the Father would not allow these messages to be contaminated by the Evil One, because this Mission was too important.