And Now the Fake MDM Message of 6 May 2015

There is being posted around the internet a purportedly new message from MDM dated 6 May 2015, this being after MDM closed her website (temporarily to be sure) in March 2015 and has gone silent. The “message” is available here or here. However, there are some serious problems with it, one being a contradiction of previous – real and true – MDM messages as well as containing a doctrinal problem. Additional grammatical errors add to the problems list, although those are minor in comparison to the main invalidating problems.

To compound the problem, MDM has not publicly stated anything about her situation, so all we have is hearsay as to the source of the message.

This is certainly good timing for the devil to poison the MDM believers with his lies. Great consternation and debate is to be expected.

Stay tuned as a detailed analysis will be posted here shortly. UPDATE: see the analysis here.

And just to be perfectly clear to avoid erroneous inferences, this by no means invalidates the official (previous) MDM messages from 2010 through March 2105. Rather this particular “message” received only through third parties is the problem. God does not make His prophets as ghost-writers for third party publishing.