Holy Love

Spiritual warfare is now disguised as popular opinions, ‘freedoms’ and ‘special interest’ groups

May 14, 2015
Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

“I am your Jesus born Incarnate.”

“Today, you celebrate My Ascension to the Father.  I did not abandon mankind, but remained with one and all in the Breaking of the Bread.  I sent the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to be with you and to give you Wisdom of good versus evil.  These days, people have abandoned Me.  Their hearts remain earthbound and unable to penetrate the Truths of faith and righteousness.”

“Morals have taken on a self-centered interpretation of the Truth.  Spiritual warfare is now disguised as popular opinions, ‘freedoms’ and ‘special interest’ groups.  The warfare is in hearts.  No heart is free from assault by the enemy of salvation.”

“In a place of predilection such as this apparition site*, the war is intense, yet the very atmosphere is one of peace.  It would be a grave mistake to believe nothing supernatural takes place here**.  Nothing could be farther from the Truth.  Here*, you are offered peace, guidance, conversion of heart, every type of healing and the Wisdom to discern the Truth of good versus evil.”

“The supernatural warfare that opposes all of these fruits must not be underestimated and must be recognized in the form of doubts, misinformation and verbal attacks of every sort.  The media, which should support the miracles here*, has been greatly compromised by the abuse of authority – another sign of supernatural warfare.”

“I desire you come here* and allow your souls to drink in the peace.  It is much like the peace I felt when I ascended to My Father and We were reunited.  I leave you this peace as a sign of My Love for you.”

* Maranatha Spring and Shrine

** Reference Message of May 24, 2014 from St. John Vianney, the Cure D’Ars, 2nd Remonstration to all Clergy: “Further, to say there is nothing supernatural going on is never true anywhere.  The Holy Spirit and Satan do battle in every present moment, everywhere, in each soul, to gain a dominance.”