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“Behold the end of times! Behold the end of evil and the beginning of good.”

The coming Era of the Holy Spirit and Mary – The Prophecy of Madeleine Porsat

-The 6th and 7th Sorrows of Mary for humanity: An upcoming global bankruptcy followed immediately by universal confusion

MADELEINE PORSAT was a humble and illiterate domestic servant for over fifty years. She worked primarily in the home of a family named Labbe, in the town of St. John de Bournay, Isere, France. In the year 1843 she purportedly began receiving heavenly messages and visions–one such event occurred specifically in the chapel of the Poor Clares convent in Lyon, France. After communion she claims to have heard a voice saying:

‘Arise, my child, and tell my people of the end times.’

And she replied: “How am I to do this when I am the poorest and most ignorant of my village?

“Go my child, for I am with you” purportedly said the voice from heaven. Thus she began speaking of the predictions that were revealed to her.

In May of 1866, Mr. Gabriel-Désiré Laverdant, one of the editors of the French periodical ‘Memorial Catholique’ interviewed Magdalene Porsat and recorded many of her prophesies, which he published with some commentaries in the above-mentioned monthly review later that year, and in more detail also in 1868. Two of the books in the Refrences section below state that Mr. Gabriel-Désiré Laverdant then interviewed Madeleine a second time in June of 1869, and confirmed with her, line by line, the prophesy presented below. In 1873, a summary of these predictions was then published in English in a book entitled “The Christian Trumpet” by Gaudentius Rossi.

The foretelling of the Third Era, that of the Holy Spirit and Mary
“Listen, my children, to what Mary our Mother charges me to announce to you:

“Behold the end of times! Behold the end of evil and the beginning of good. What is going to happen is not an ordinary event. It is a great epoch which is going to commence. It is the third (era of the world).

 [MotC Editors Note: I will list here the three Epochs (or Era’s) of humanity as interpreted by many theologians:

  • First Epoch of humanity: The time of God the Father [Old Testament], beginning with the creation of Adam until the universal deluge (great flood), OR to the birth of Christ.
  • Second Epoch: The time of God the Son [Jesus-New Testament] beginning at the birth of Jesus
  • Third Epoch: The time of God the Holy Spirit and Mary [New Era of Peace] —During this time period, many mystics also prophesy about a pontificate of an angelic Pope and of a great future monarch of France who together will lead the people of God out of a great crisis in the Church and the world.]

“After the Father who has created us, in order that we may know, love, and serve him; after  the Son, who has saved us; behold now the Father and the Son to console us, are sending to us the Triumphant Spirit with Mary His Spouse. This is a great miracle!

“Mary comes from Heaven. She comes accompanied by a legion of angels. The elect living upon earth must fervently rise up in order to go forward and meet the messengers of God. Behold the Army of the Lord! Many holy women, but only a few St. Johns. Behold the armor of God! No guns or muskets, no clubs or batons, no bars and bolts, no watch-dogs, no material force, no human means. New times and new ways!

“It is now twenty-six years since I announced to you what are the seven crises; the seven wounds and sorrows of Mary which should have to precede Her triumph and our healing, namely :
1. Inclemency of seasons and weather;
2. Diseases to animals and plants;
3. Cholera over men;
4. Revolutions;
5. Wars;
6. A universal bankruptcy;
7. Confusion.

The 6th and 7th crisis of humanity – the collapse of commerce and ensuing confusion

“The preceding plagues have been lessened through Mary’s intercession, who restrained the arm of her Son, Jesus. Behold now the sixth calamity, the commercial crisis. Commerce marches to its ruin, because the axle, confidence, will be shattered. There will be no respite between the sixth and seventh crises; the passage shall be rapid. The year 1789 upset France only [The French Revolution-editor]; that which is coming shall cause the revolution of the whole world. The seventh crisis shall be extreme confusion, but will culminate in a birth. Men shall believe that all is lost and annihilated. Immense turbulence and trouble shall be over the tormented sea! Whoever is not on the barque of Peter shall be engulfed. The barque goes up and down, this way and that. [Here Madeleine with her hands makes a movement like that of a vessel agitated by billows of waves.]

Peter, have confidence! The Ark comes out of the storm, and a calm will ensue. Pius IX is the last pope of the Church oppressed*. Cross of the cross. To him sorrow, but also joy. After him comes deliverance. Lumen in Celo. Light in Heaven. This is Mary’s eye.  In the Church, everyone will think that all is lost. Mary arrives. Behold there is confusion; confusion even in the sanctuary, and among the priests. Notwithstanding, it is to the Catholic priests that one shall have to go for absolution and blessing. Mary is powerful but She cannot give us absolution. This is the function of the priest.

*[Gabriel-Désiré Laverdant reports that a certain individual, having found fault with Magdalene for saying that Pius IX was to be the last pope to be oppressed, she replied that at Pius IX was the last pope of an epoch. This writer is not sure how to justify this part of the prophesy other than to say that she likely misinterpreted this part of the revelation given to her.]

Mary will reveal to each person their individual sins – The illumination of conscience [The Warning / 6th Seal]

“Many of the first shall come last. The children, in whom there is no evil, will be the first to hear and see their Immaculate Mother. They will open the way to Mary; and after will come the holy religious men and women, then the good people, rich and poor; All those of good will shall enter: everything is possible in God. Mary comes and to each one she opens the book of his or her conscience. [Here Madeleine forms her hands into a book open towards the public.) The book is not thus turned towards the world, open to the eyes of all: that is kept for the final judgment. But it is open thus: (Here Madeleine opens her hands towards her face). God keeps this first opening of the conscience private to each soul, through the intercession of Mary, tender Mother! This will be a mysterious examination between the Mother and her children; there will be no wounding of self-respect. It will be Mary’s confessional. But what abasement! What horror of ones sins! What remorse! What anguish, when in the presence of Mary’s purity, each one will see in his mirror his own baseness. And what tears of repentance to wash everything clean! That poor Satan! He thinks he has tied everything together against God but he has not bound Mary. She will overtake him and crush his head under Her heel!

“Mary, oh mystery! Mary comes to meet the prodigal son: we are that prodigal son, all of humanity, and she says, ‘Come. I love you! Without you, without your felicitous fault, would all ages have called me blessed? I owe My glory to you, poor child’…

“Place a piece of iron in the fire and it comes out of it purified: so it is with the soul in the fire of heaven. In these times we confess to evil, but we do not drive out the evil. We break off the weed, but we do not uproot it; we retain the root of the old man. Now, Mary Immaculate desires that we should be completely purified so that our works may become pure. When the wicked shall see their children raised up in the glory of Mary, they will then let themselves go with their children, and through Mary they will be reconciled to God. Thus will God draw everyone into His glory, even the wicked.

“Do you think that Mary will come to destroy the work of her Son? The Pope holds the place of God upon earth; so does the bishop in every diocese, and the parish priest in every parish. Behold the representative of Jesus Christ, as a good and religious mother is the image of Mary. Go to your pastors who have been appointed by God. But woe ! woe ! to mercenaries who go to the side of the world! Look at that field where among bad weeds and every kind of damaged wheat there are also some good ears; that is a figure of how human society is now seated in wickedness. What should be done with it? Good souls should not be allowed to perish. The sound ears are good souls. Well! Mary comes to help with the harvest of the elect from the earth.

“A grand event shall have to take place in order to terrify the wicked and convert them for their own good. After this, Mary all powerful shall help convert all men into good wheat. All shall become good. The Pharisees (hypocritical persons) will be the last to be converted; the great sinners will arrive beforehand. The Jews who have refused to receive Jesus Christ in his humiliation will acknowledge Him at the glorious arrival of Mary.

“The dove (the peace and grace of God through Mary) comes to us from heaven, wearing on her breast a white cross, a sign of reconciliation, and waving a sword of fire, symbol of love. She seats herself on a throne of solid gold, a figure of Noah’s ark; for She comes to announce the end of a deluge of evils. Behold, she comes, our Mother! The Church prepares everything for the glorious arrival of Mary. The Church forms for her a guard of honor to go before the angels. The triumphal arch is nearly accomplished. The hour is not far distant. It is Mary in person! But yet She has Her precursors, — holy women, apostles, who shall cure the wounds of the body as well as the sins of the heart. Holy women, images of Mary, shall have power to work miracles. After them comes Mary to prepare the place for her Son in His triumphant Church.

“Behold the Immaculate Conception of the kingdom of God that precedes the arrival of Jesus Christ! It is the mansion of God upon earth, which is going to purify and prepare itself to receive Emmanuel. Jesus Christ cannot come into this hovel of the world! It is necessary that God should send His Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth by means of another creation, to render it a worthy mansion for the God made man. Behold! After the fire from below that will burn everything and leave no stone unturned, behold next the fire from above to enkindle and transform everything! The love of God comes to embrace and transfigure the world.

“I see the earth rendered almost level; its valleys are raised ; its mountains are lowered; there is nothing more than gentle hills and beautiful vales. Since I am as I am, I see nothing else before us but union and universal fraternity and community. All men living in reciprocal love. One helps the other. They are all happy.  There is almost no large scale cultivation; there is only small cultivation with gardens with lovely fruit and flowers everywhere. With Mary, all of nature is a garden and everywhere there is fragrance.  All serves to the glory of God through Mary.“


“The Christian Trumpet” by Gaudentius Rossi, 2nd edition, 1873.

“Ce qui va nous arriver: guerre et révolution” By Novaye, Mery, 1896 – See more at: http://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/2015/07/the-prophecy-of-madeleine-porsat.html

Source: Mystics of the Church