Garabandal Warning

A Synod before the Warning

UPDATED: 10 October 2015 – the publish date was updated so that this shows up now in the timeline, especially as the October 2015 Synod on the Family is underway.

Excerpts from Garabandal News

[See the video (only in Spanish)] … Mother Maria de las Nieves Garcia, who was the superior of the School in Burgos where Conchita studied during the Year 1966 to 1967 and they are still close today, confirming also this information, this official testimony from Mother Garcia is to be taken seriously, in my opinion as Garabandal first of all is Eucharistic and about the Holy Eucharist, if an Important Synod has been indicated to the main Seer of Garabandal as a Pre-Warning sign, I will not be surprised that this Important Synod could be linked also to the Holy Eucharist but since the Apparitions, we had already many Synods, so this Synod could be particularly and very important, different from other, otherwise our Lady would not have spoken about it, a Synod which could create a Schism ?

[Note: yes indeed, this Synod will cause the great schism. We can see already how modernist Cardinals like Kasper promote approval of sin by pushing for adulterers to receive Holy Communion.]


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  • Mac, because Garabandal was prosecuted by the Catholic Church from the very beginning, I do not think there is a single and solid source from which we all can comprehend what had really happened there for these 4 years!!! From 1961 – 1965 Mother Mary was speaking to children and we know only few things??? SHOCKING… total negligence.

  • It is time for some clear thinking on Garabandal! Joey’s passing before the Miracle simply means the time of Grace for the world has been extended at least one more year. Anyone who has been following this can see that the Warning was set for March 25 or 30 of this year with the Miracle to occur on Thursday April 10 the Feast Day of St. Michael de Santis.

    At the Warning the true Pope (Fatima’s bishop in white who will be martyred) will flee Rome; the Mass will end for 1290 days (Daniel 12:11,13) and this will bring “the enlightenment” and warning about worshiping the AntiChrist clearly detailed in Revelation 14:6-9. This obviously has been postponed meaning the Miracle is now scheduled for April 16, 2015 the feast day of Benedict Joseph Labre. It cannot occur in 2016 because there is no “martyr of the Eucharist” for any qualifying Thursday in June of that year. But now for the wild charges against the authenticity of Garabandal that many are making: Was Jonah a false prophet and his source the Devil because Nineveh was not destroyed in the 40 days as predicted??? Was Jesus a false Prophet and His source the Devil because His prediction of 3 days and 3 night in the tomb was turned to 2 days and 2 nights by the earnest prayers of Holy Mary??? How could so many of you professing Catholics be so ignorant and blind? Our Lord Himself commenting on the Tribulation indicated the period could be shortened (Matthew 24:22)? Well lo and behold the “rescheduling” of the Miracle for 2015 almost certainly shortens the period of Chastisement that follows by (at least) 10 months! –that is if the 100 years given Lucifer to destroy the Church ends during the 100th anniversary of the Fatima Revelations (May 13- Oct 13, 2017) as I am convinced it will, and the restoration of the Sacrifice of the Mass takes place on the Anniversary of the re dedication of the Maccabean Temple December 13, 2017 the first day of the Feast of Lights / Dedication / Hanukkah (As I also have good reason to believe will happen). Anyone wanting my charts detailing all this contact me because this is really wonderful news! You will even see how the 45 extra days mentioned in Daniel 12 wonderfully ties in to all this as it falls on February 2, 2018, the Presentation of Christ in the temple! Ponder this please: Why do you think that even the Lord Jesus Christ does not know the exact day or hour of His return? Is it not because the timing of these events is dependent upon our response to Heavens calls. Rejecting Garabandal will certainly not help in giving us more grace and time for repentance!!

    • In what time frame would you put the appearance of the Antichrist? Shouldn’t it reign for 7 years?

  • The latest posted message from Our Mother to MDM confirms what already should be obvious that the Tribulation will end in 2017, being that there will now commence “three years” of miracles to bring men to faith. This means 2017 will conclude that period and see the Resurrection of all the Dead in Christ (1 Thess. 4:13-18) and the renewal / restoration of the earth. It will see the commencing of Era of Peace / Millennium with the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ cast into the Lake of Fire with all his followers and with Satan being bound in chains for 1000 years.

    With the wars, famines, plagues of the previous Seals having been opened and now accelerating world wide we are NOW LIVING in the opening of the fifth Seal Revelation WITH A GREAT ACCELERATION OF THE MASSACRE OF CHRISTIANS IN THE MID EAST AND AFRICA (Rev.6:9-11): (BE-HEADINGS ARE ACTUALLY MENTIONED IN REV. 20:4 FOR THOSE WHO WERE KILLED in this tribulation which is 5 years in length (NOT 7!) ONLY the last 3 1/2 is called the Great Tribulation — the completion of the 70th Week (70th seven year period determined upon Israel of Daniel 9), the first half of which Our Lord fulfilled in His 3 1/2 year ministry in which He made the Temple Sacrifice to cease by invalidating and replacing the Old Covenant of animal Sacrifices (Dan. 9:27).

    REVELATION 6:9 “And when he had opened the FIFTH SEAL, I saw under the altar the souls of those who were slain for the Word of God, and for the testimony which they held. 10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying: How long, O Lord (holy and true) before You judge and revenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?! 11 And a white robe was given to every one of them, and it was said to them that they should rest for a little time [3 1/2 YEARS] until their fellow servants and their brethren, who are to be slain, even as they had been, should be completed.”

    • Here is what should happen, instead:

      Please note that the graph I linked shows the timeline of the future events according to the messages of MDM revealed prior to 20 June 2014. So, as you can see, the Second Coming would occur after 2020.

      Other things one could note:
      – Time of Great Tribulation starts on 22 December 2012. It lasts 3 years and half (so until May 2016);
      – Time of Conversion starts with the Warning, but we don’t actually know its duration;
      – Time of Second Coming (time of persecution) starts with the end of Time of Conversion, and it ceases with the end of Last Week of Daniel. It lasts 3 years and half;
      – Last Week of Daniel starts with the appearing of the Antichrist, and it ends with the Second Coming. It lasts 7 years;
      – The Warning occurs during Time of Great Tribulation (so before May 2016);
      – The Antichrist could appear before of after the Warning, but surely during Time of Great Tribulation (so before May 2016);
      – The Antichrist reigns for 7 years, and after 3 years and half, he starts the persecution;
      – The “big” chastisements (three days of darkness and so on) would occur during the Time of Second Coming (this is my opinion), so beyond 2017. I suppose they won’t occur during Time of Great Tribulation (which ends on May 2016) or Time of Conversion;
      – The Garabandal Miracle could happen during Time of Conversion (this is my opinion), within a year after the Warning.

      So, what do you think?

  • Coincidence. I do not see how you got this sequence from MDM. But for starters the 70th Week of Daniel which speaks of the last 7 years “determined for the Jews” in order to “finish (shut up) the transgression and to make an end of (seal up) sins and to make reconciliation (cover) for iniquity and to bring in everlasting righteousness . . . an to anoint the Most Holy” has already been partially fulfilled. This 70th week completely fulfilled would have to see the conversion of the Jews and their incorporation into the Catholic Church which will happen immediately following the Great Tribulation at the Triumph of Heaven over the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.

    Now half of that 70th week has already been fulfilled in the 3 1/2 year ministry of Our Lord. The nation’s rejection of the Lord now means the remainder will be fulfilled in the Great Tribulation allowed of God specifically to finish what was prevented in AD 34.

    It is at the end of this 3 1/2 year period and the conversion of Israel that the Era of Peace begins not another period of persecution. MDM’s revelation from Heaven that the “Tribulation” began in Dec 2012 is obviously not referring to the beginning of the 3 1/2 year “Great Tribulation” which applies specifically to the Jewish people and finishing their conversion. I know of no Biblical reference to this 1 1/2 year “pre Great Tribulation Tribulation revealed to MDM but it was apparently known to the ancient Incas so it is not something sucked out of MDM’s thumb. What was such out of someone’s thumb was the notion of a 7 year Tribulation. I have a chart of my projection for this period if you wish it. I hope to have it on my web site soon but I will send a pdf to anyone:
    God Bless you all!

  • HB: Thur. April 13, 2017 does seem a possibility for the Miracle but have not found anyone that I believe would qualify for the young martyr of the Eucharist. Does anyone out there have a suggestion? This would place the Warning/Enlightenment some time in the preceding year. Some have given the month of May, (2016) which would see the beginning of the Great Tribulation in the “taking away of the Sacrifice” for 1290 days (3½ years) ending in December 2019.

    St. Patrick prophesied Ireland would be inundated 7 years before the “last day” of “Judgment” Record rains flooded over half of Ireland in December 2009. / Seven years takes us to December 2016 or 6 months into the beginning year of the 3½ year Judgment of Tribulation.

  • HB: Your suggestion of Thur. April 13, 2017 is highly likely the date for the MIRACLE but so far I haven’t found an eligible young martyr for that date. Anyone out there with any ideas? The WARNING / ILLUMINATION would then come within the year preceding — Some have said in May 2016 which would see the taking away of the Sacrifice (for 1290 days — 3½ year Great Tribulation), the exile and martyrdom of Benedict, the election of Peter the Roman. The 3½ year Great Tribulation takes one to December of 2019. The Synod preceding this WARNING would then be the Synod on the Family now meeting.
    Now, if the shortening of the Tribulation which Our Lord indicates will happen (Matt.24:22) involves the advancing of the WARNING / ENLIGHTENMENT then the December 2019 remains the “end of Tribulation”, but if it is the end of the Tribulation period that is cut short then the end of Tribulation comes sooner than December 2019.

    St. Patrick prophesied Ireland would be inundated 7 years before the “last day” of “Judgment.” Record rains flooded over half of Ireland in December 2009. Seven years takes us 6 months into the beginning year of the 3½ year Judgment of Tribulation or to December of 2016. and

  • Daniel 9: 26-27

    26 After 62 weeks Christ shall be slain: and the people that shall deny him shall not be his. And a people with their leader that shall come, and destroy the city and the sanctuary: and the end thereof shall be waste, and after the end of the war the appointed desolation.

    27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many, in one week: and in half the week the victim and the sacrifice shall fail: and there shall be in the temple the abomination of desolation: and the desolation shall continue even to the consummation, and to the end.

    So I am thinking this passage tells us that:

    a) The crucifixion took place with 1 week (ie. 7 years) left in the prophecy. It states Christ is slain after 62 weeks, not 62 1/2 weeks.
    b) That verse 26 spans 2000 years from when the Jews slew Messiah at 69 weeks, prophecy interrupted ,’til the end of whenever the 70th week ends or is near so.
    c) That some group of people led by a powerful leader( Putin? Antichrist? Islam?) wants to destroy Rome “the city”, and the Vatican State “the sanctuary” and uses a war to do it.
    d) That verse 27 describes the opposing sides of the Schism over the last week- the Great Tribulation of 7 years.
    e) That the “he” who “confirms the covenant” is Jesus and the “many” are we of the Remnant who are being confirmed in the Catholic Truth through the Book of Truth and other true messages.
    f)That 3 1/2 years from the beginning of the Great Tribulation the forces of FP and the Antichrist via this evil Synod and other machinations of evil stop the true Mass and paganize the Altar.
    g) this continues for 1290 days ( Dan.12) to something called the “consummation” which is likely the final destruction of Antichrist and his followers. 45 days later is called “the end”.
    This may refer to a final Lent to purify those going into the New Kingdom.

    How other prophesies fit into this I don’t know.
    If anyone sees a flaw, or has an insight please comment.

    The implication of this if it be true is that the last seven years began in Dec.2012. This means that the end of this era is around 2019. I happen to hold to the view that when Jesus talks of shortening the days for the sake of the elect He is literally saying that each day will contract in time so that 24 hours will feel like much less. In fact it will be less, so we that evil will have less time to be evil. Even now, the days feel shorter but maybe that’s just my age.
    Also, by this timetable, the prophecies of Rev.12-13 would start next year(2016) with the Abomination in May or June. Just saying. With God anything is possible. And I could be way off.

  • Steven, one problem is that the 62 week period historically ended with the Birth of Christ. The Revelation to Maria Valtorta is very clear that it was the Birth of Christ that “unto Christ the Prince” referred to. So the 70th week does not continue immediately from the end of the 62 week period. There is a gap of 30 years of the “hidden life of Christ” until His Ministry began. Thus Christ would be cut off SOMETIME AFTER the 62 week period which proved to be after 30 years plus the first 3 1/2 years of the seven year “70th Week.”

    The question is does Daniel 9:27 have a double reference, one to Christ in His nullifying the Jewish sacrificial system by His Own Death making it “desolate” and also to “the leader that shall come” making a covenant with the Church for seven years and then breaking it after 3 1/2 years? This 3 1/2 year end times cessation of the Sacrifice of the Mass is clearly pictured in Daniel 12:11-13. If Daniel 9:27 also speaks of the endtimes cessation of the Sacrifice of the Mass it results in a broken covenant made by agents of AntiChrist in the Church. So did Bergoglio make a promise/covenant to Benedict about faithfulness to the Mass as they pressured him to resign in Dec 2012 – Jan 2013? If this proves to be broken in May of 2016, this would be 3 1/2 years. This could well prove to be true, Steven. But I cannot get any 3 1/2 years here for “Tribulation” as Protestant Evangelicals speak of it preceding the 3 1/2 year “Great Tribulation.” MDM got that July 2011 was the “middle of Tribulations” for Christians which indicates this period will run through both Obama’s terms Jan 2009 – Jan 2016. We must remember that the “Great Tribulation of the Trumpet and vial Judgments falls on the followers of AntiChrist. It is their tribulation not ours.

    Here is my amplification of Daniel 9:24-27

    9:24 Seventy weeks [Seventy sevens of years = 490 years. See Lev. 25:8!] are decreed for your people and upon your holy city [Jerusalem], that transgression may be finished, sin may have an end, iniquity may be abolished, everlasting justice may be brought, the vision and prophecy [revealed to Daniel] may be fulfilled, and the Saint of Saints [Christ] may be anointed.

    9:25 Know therefore and take notice that from the going forth of the word [by Cyrus – Isa. 44:28; 45:13!], to build up Jerusalem again [483 BC / 539(S)], unto [the Birth of] Christ the Prince, there shall be seven weeks [49 years], and [plus] sixty-two weeks [434 years, for a total of 483 years]. And the walls and the streets shall be built again, and in straitness of times [i.e., troubled times within that first 49 year period].

    9:26 And after the [period of] sixty-two weeks Christ shall be slain [This turned out to be another 33½ years after the Birth of Christ]. And the [Jewish] people that shall deny Him shall not be His. And a people [the Romans] with their leader that shall come, [the Roman Emperor Titus in AD 70 (but also Christ from His Heavenly throne and His people through their prayers)] shall destroy the city and the sanctuary, and the end of it shall be waste, and after the end of the war, the appointed desolation [for Israel].

    9:27 And He [Christ (but also much later, the False Prophet or Antichrist, to mimic Christ)] shall confirm the covenant with many, for one week [7 years:2013-2019], and in the half of the week [Our Lord’s ministry was only 3½ years long] the victim and the sacrifice shall fall [fail or cease – cf. 7:25; 12:7]. And there shall be in the temple the Abomination of Desolation,* and the desolation shall continue even to the consummation, and to the end.
    *Speaks first of the crime of deicide committed by the Jewish temple rulers, but secondly of the desecration of the Eucharist (the Sacrifice) within the Church by the Antichrist and the betrayers within the Church in the end time. (cf. 12:7 and Matt. 24:15).

  • Thanks for your analysis. I would like your opinion on what you think our Lord meant when He told MDM in Dec. 2012 that we had just entered the Great Tribulation. If this was only a 3 1/2 year period there would seem to be a lot of events yet to occur by next summer- and we have yet to see the Antichrist- unless the term “Great Tribulation” means something that is not congruent in time to the second half of Daniel’s 70th week.

  • I missed that revelation. Well that would mean that there is a significance to a seven year tribulation and and even more certainty of a covenant made by Bergoglio at that initiating time WHICH HE WILL BREAK. Seems like one could conclude the tribulation during the two terms of Obama relates to him as political forerunner to AntiChrist and the seven year Great Tribulation relates to the Spiritual forerunner of Anti-Christ, Francis. And further the order is significant –FIRST political then spiritual–SO A TEMPORAL EARTHY SUBSTITUTE FOR GOD’S KINGDOM (LUCIFERIAN)! Good work Stephan!

  • Thank you. Whatever happens the Warning feels very close.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if the Antichrist commits the Abomination on Holy Thursday 2016, when the true Church recalls the Last Supper and the institution of the Holy Eucharist. But I’m no prophet, so time will tell.

  • Hello,
    I recently located this page with reply’s & comments. Thank you all for the splendid information concerning MDM & The End Times we are living. Having the analytical capabilities in connecting much information presented, has been very helpful.

    Enjoy knowing other Christian believers, touched by The Holy Spirit, who followed The Messages through MDM. Immense evil tried to destroy The Seventh Prophet chosen by God. The hate grew over the five years reading The Warning Messages. I truly miss those heavenly inspirations that God ceased in April 2015. To believe, understand, and feel Jesus speaking directly to us all ( and “me” ) through His “Book of Truth”, is life changing. Always a Catholic Christian, reading scripture, daily rosary, follow and inspired by many American visionaries; But never interpreted such captivating spiritual knowledge as The “Book of Truth”.

    We need to continue prayers for those who do not see or understand as we do. Thank you all again for the important interpretations & End Times expectations.

  • Any time spent trying to guess the exact date of The Warning is not only time wasted, but certainly against the Will of God. If God Almighty wanted us to know the exact date, He would have given it to us. We should concern ourselves only with prayer and personal conversion.

      • If that picture appears to be true we will understand the date on that picture only after the Warning occurs. Two times I tried to guess the month of the Warning and both times I was fooled and I felt disappointed and I knew I was not doing the Gods will. He wants from us to believe firmly in Him and pray, pray constantly, everything He wanted for us to understand about Revelation was given through Book of Truth, no more no less.
        Good bless

        • Josip & Kirt, I beg to differ with you conclusions. We were told to seek out the answers. Be careful here. I have also been tempted with the same thoughts but I simply had to admit I am not yet spiritually capable of this understanding yet. This is a cause for self evaluation not judging God! Few of us like to admit our inadequacies but that is I think the whole point of this revelation. Keep trying with more humility and prayer! God Bless!