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2016 – the Beginning of the End of the End

Based on many prophecies of the recent past such as Garabandal, newer prophecy from sources such as MDM, Luz de Maria, Pedro Regis, and of course including the Bible, 2016 should begin the really great tribulations, making what we have seen so far rather tame. Some never before published prophetic dreams will also be unveiled. We call it the beginning of the end of the end, that is the final portion of the Latter Days before the Second Coming. We have been in the Biblical Tribulation period for a while.

We will produce a new “series” of articles (with a new category – Latter Days) which include sequences of events and expected time frames based upon said prophecies and the signs around us. And yes, we will make some predictions (fallible of course due to their interpretive nature), including specific dates for some major events. While we may not know dates exactly, and we can never know the day nor the hour of the Second Coming, Jesus told us to know the “season,” the general timing, when the Second Coming is nigh, even at the door. We are in that season now. Those familiar with the miraculous Jacinta 1972 picture may know that dates are embedded within it. God provides hints and never does anything without first revealing Himself through His prophets.

For example, in 2016 expect the Antichrist to appear as an “incomparable” world leader, and the abomination of desolation, the great schism, and the Illumination of Conscience part of the Warning (which precedes the Miracle). The Illumination of Conscience is a major turning point of these Latter Days before the Second Coming.

2017 will bring the Miracle ,the Mark of the Beast (embedded microchip) and the Great Chastisement (the 3 Days of Darkness), a nuclear World War 3. Sodom is the whole world now, so what else should you expect? China and Russia will conquer the world literally, including North America (USA and Canada). The USA will be defeated, including in the Middle East. Israel lost its protection for apostasy, and so will the post-Christian USA, which is now Sodom. Christian Europe fell longer ago. Sorry folks, no rapture, since that is immediately before the Second Coming. Sadly, billions will die. Before the Second Coming, the Bible shows that 3/4 of humankind will die. You do the math.

Stay tuned.

Prepare your souls for major persecution, both from Islamic terror attacks on a wide scale worldwide and secular sodomite and legal attacks making it illegal to believe Bible truths. The Remnant Church, living in the virtual catacombs, will need to behave as did the early Church under Roman persecution, or more recently the English Protestant persecution of Henry VIII and his evil successors. We recommend that you read the lives and history of martyr saints such as St. Margaret Clitherow (lay woman) and St. Edmund Campion (priest) to get a more detailed look at Catholic life under severe persecution as more details are available in those accounts as compared to the Roman days.

The good news is that the Second Coming is closer than ever! Well, good news for those that love God and our Messiah, Jesus Christ the one and only Lord of Heaven and Earth.

Are you ready?