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2016 – the Beginning of the End of the End

Based on many prophecies of the recent past such as Garabandal, newer prophecy from sources such as MDM, Luz de Maria, Pedro Regis, and of course including the Bible, 2016 should begin the really great tribulations, making what we have seen so far rather tame. Some never before published prophetic dreams will also be unveiled. We call it the beginning of the end of the end, that is the final portion of the Latter Days before the Second Coming. We have been in the Biblical Tribulation period for a while.

We will produce a new “series” of articles (with a new category – Latter Days) which include sequences of events and expected time frames based upon said prophecies and the signs around us. And yes, we will make some predictions (fallible of course due to their interpretive nature), including specific dates for some major events. While we may not know dates exactly, and we can never know the day nor the hour of the Second Coming, Jesus told us to know the “season,” the general timing, when the Second Coming is nigh, even at the door. We are in that season now. Those familiar with the miraculous Jacinta 1972 picture may know that dates are embedded within it. God provides hints and never does anything without first revealing Himself through His prophets.

For example, in 2016 expect the Antichrist to appear as an “incomparable” world leader, and the abomination of desolation, the great schism, and the Illumination of Conscience part of the Warning (which precedes the Miracle). The Illumination of Conscience is a major turning point of these Latter Days before the Second Coming.

2017 will bring the Miracle ,the Mark of the Beast (embedded microchip) and the Great Chastisement (the 3 Days of Darkness), a nuclear World War 3. Sodom is the whole world now, so what else should you expect? China and Russia will conquer the world literally, including North America (USA and Canada). The USA will be defeated, including in the Middle East. Israel lost its protection for apostasy, and so will the post-Christian USA, which is now Sodom. Christian Europe fell longer ago. Sorry folks, no rapture, since that is immediately before the Second Coming. Sadly, billions will die. Before the Second Coming, the Bible shows that 3/4 of humankind will die. You do the math.

Stay tuned.

Prepare your souls for major persecution, both from Islamic terror attacks on a wide scale worldwide and secular sodomite and legal attacks making it illegal to believe Bible truths. The Remnant Church, living in the virtual catacombs, will need to behave as did the early Church under Roman persecution, or more recently the English Protestant persecution of Henry VIII and his evil successors. We recommend that you read the lives and history of martyr saints such as St. Margaret Clitherow (lay woman) and St. Edmund Campion (priest) to get a more detailed look at Catholic life under severe persecution as more details are available in those accounts as compared to the Roman days.

The good news is that the Second Coming is closer than ever! Well, good news for those that love God and our Messiah, Jesus Christ the one and only Lord of Heaven and Earth.

Are you ready?


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  • It would be a good idea to do the Divine Mercy Novena this year. Starts on Good Friday. Tell all who will listen.

      • Why? I have read that the Divine Mercy and Faustina was condemned by two popes three times (once by Pius XII and twice by John XXIII). John XXIII indicated that the Divine Mercy was nothing more than a repeat of what St. Margaret Mary Alacoque had said. Actually, when you start reading St. Margaret’s prayers, info, novena’s, etc. one can find this to be true. It also was indicated that there were heresies within Faustina’s writings which were later removed from her book. John XXIII indicated also that if that Divine Mercy were approved, then the Sacred Heart would be forgotten/left out. Seems quite true today. So, perhaps it would be better to pray the beautiful and initially approved Sacred Heart of Jesus novena’s, First Friday, etc.

          • Sister Faustina’s “Journal” has a message, that her confessor Fr.Sopoćko went to Rome to discuss her visions and requests by Jesus regarding The Divine Mercy… He returned with negative message from Rome and sister Faustina was complaining about this to Jesus. Name of the pope is not mentioned there, however the date of the message might easily pinpoint to the pope.

          • Recommend Polish St Faustina’s Diary of ” The Divine Mercy ” …..wherein lies hope for every Soul alive today !!

    • The Seal of The Living God placed in the home and the Prayer said every day, insures us of Immunity from evil, Invincibility, and the Mark of the Beast. Also, what food we have will be multiplied.
      Thanks be to God the Father – protecting His children.

      • If you love Christ and His Cross you have to pray for Gift of Perseverance, for Gift of Martyrdom and many other necessary Gifts, to say Rosary every day and haven’t imagine that you are safe with one prayer – Seal of Living God:)

        MDM February 8th,
        You won’t find the spirit of evil trying to tamper with the souls he has already won over, for he has no need of them. A man who loves Me and follows the Word of God is vulnerable for he is the most sought after prize. You must never believe, however, that you are strong enough to withstand such attacks on your faith, because each one of you is a sinner. And as sinners, unless you cleanse your souls through reconciliation on a regular basis, you too will betray Me for you won’t be strong enough on your own to withstand the pressure to deny Me otherwise. Never forget what I warned you about. You are in the middle of the greatest spiritual battle of all time. Only the fittest, the strongest and the purest of souls will survive it.

        If you love Christ and His Cross you have to pray for Gift of Perseverance, for Gift of Martyrdom and haven’t imagine that you are safe with one prayer – Seal of Living God.

        • To Moderator – please delete the third – repeating section of my message

  • holly New year to you and your family

    I have been preparing for years yet I feel unprepared for what is to come.
    I only rely on God’s strenght…. I have a whole family to protect under Mary’s coat and I have recently bought a large house in Brittany for them thanks to our mother Mary, as we, french people know from father Pell and MARIE jULIE jAHENNY Prophecies that this part of France would be spare a lot of trouble…

    I’ve also seen in the last recent terrorist attacks in Paris that I wasn’t feeling as bad as the unprepared were.
    that’s what the holy Spirit does to us. Anyhow there is a lot to endure before the coming of Jesus.
    God bless you xx
    ps/ could you tell us more about Jacinta 1972 picture ?

  • Thank you for this article. Yes, we have arrived at this long prophesied juncture. In these times, we will also see an unprecedented outpouring of miracles. The Holy Spirit will move in ways never before experienced on earth. The light will become lighter and the darkness will grow darker. Lord have mercy upon our souls.

      • I have been asked to alert you to the fact that the Garabandal site contains a reference to Maria Divine Mercy being a “false visionary” – so Garabandal believers may not be sympathetic to the Book of Truth slant on events to come.

        • Thank you for the info. Their explanation of Garabandal is fine, and they overstep their bounds to judge another apparition. They will learn the hard way – at the Warning – how wrong they are.

          • RC, this reminds us of the carnality in the Corinthian Church that had created so much division with some saying they were of Paul, with others saying they were of Apollos. It reminds us of the rash judgment with which some of the followers of John the Baptist judged Our Lord as a false prophet because this ministry differed so radically from John! How often folks miss the forest, the big picture, for the trees! Until we learn to strip ourselves of all our own personal human interest when we approach divine matters we are certain to err in our understanding. But of course that is why we must all go through this period of testing, reproof, and purification, because we all face our weak and very limited human nature every day and with each experience hopefully we choose to transcend it and reach a higher level of maturity and virtue. RC, words fail me in expressing how thankful we are for the depth of your discernment and this site that is such an incredible guide for the people of God in search for the truth and the counsel and help of Heaven in these times when Church leadership has failed the people so miserably!

          • It’s all by God’s Grace. I have been following apparitions for decades, since I was a kid. I recall going for the Parvuli Dei badge in Cub Scouts at Catholic grade school and I had to read a Gospel as the project. I then, on my own, read the Apocalypse (Revelation) and wondered if I would be alive when it happened. Well, here we are! Neither did I have any idea of my vocation at that time.

  • Interesting thought: In the message of December 25th, 2012 Jesus said: “My Plan of Salvation for the world, began in My Time, on the 22 December 2012.”
    When the 22 December 2012 will add 1,260 days (biblical 3.5 years) we get a date June 4, 2016 (On this day is Feast Mother of Salvation and the first Saturday of the month).
    I don’t know what that means, but I wanted to share it with you.

    • Good observation Piotr. I have myself as many others have been trying to fit together the pieces of revelation given us together. Clearly there is more than one tribulation being spoken of. The first one is for Christians, of which you mention but which actually began at the election of Obama in Dec 2008 or Jan 2009 because MDM related in July 2011 we were in the middle (“midst”) of the Tribulation. However, the GREAT TRIBULATION of this seven year Tribulation for Christians would as you indicate be 3 1/2 years beginning on Dec 22, 2012 and thus would end on June 4, 2016 or perhaps 18 days later if years are solar (Roman)rather than lunar (Jewish).

      Now the Tribulation mentioned in Daniel and in Revelation is a period of 3 1/2 years (THE FIRST 3 1/2 YEARS OF THIS SEVEN YEAR PERIOD (“70TH WEEK”) OF DANIEL WAS FULFILLED IN THE 3 1/2 YEARS OF CHRIST’S EARTHLY MINISTRY according to Daniel 9) that follows this Tribulation for Christians. It differs in two very significant ways from the Tribulation for Christians: It is a tribulation that comes from God and is for the Jews to bring them to repentance and finally is a judgment upon the seat of AntiChrist and Satan. The previous seven year Tribulation is FROM Satan primarily upon us Gentile Christians to get us to put on clean spiritual garments.

      • During my time in the Messianic movement I came to understand that the reference in Daniel to the “70 weeks” while linked to Old Testament events has a parallel in the End Times as well. Scripture is often multi-layered. When Gabriel spoke of the seventy weeks to Daniel, it is important to realise that the Hebrew for “weeks” is “shauvots” which is also the name of one of Israel’s seven annual festivals: the Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost on the Catholic calendar. So “70 weeks” is therefore seventy festivals of Shauvots, ie. seventy years. Daniel 9:24 speaks of seventy weeks from the restoration of Jerusalem until the end of transgression and sin, with wars, disasters, the abomination, and the “anointed one” bringing everlasting righteousness and the fulfilment of all prophecy. Considering that modern Israel was established in 1947, when we add 70 years to this, it brings us to 2017. Interesting in the light of what has been established in the article above!

        • Good observations. One major sign of the Second Coming is the mass conversion of the Jews, which will happen through the process of Illumination of Conscience, Miracle and Chastisement (Garabandal sequence).

          Yes, Scripture is definitely multi-layered, or “polyvalent”. That means the same words apply to various times.

          You are correct about 1947 for the re-foundation of Israel, which itself was a major sign of the Second Coming. Most people say 1948 because of the actual implementation of that, but the agreement was signed in 1947.

        • Chris, the are problems with the 1947/48 to 2017/18 measure using 70 weeks (years). First, it doesn’t reach to the conclusion of the Great Tribulation which alone brings the end of transgression and sin. Second, the measure Our Lord gave for the time from Israel’s founding in unbelief (Actually Satan’s plan to betray and destroy the Jewish people after using them as the excuse to create and establish his Luciferian New World Order) was that that generation would not pass away “until all be fulfilled.” This popular view is an evvangelical Protestant mis representation and one based on a very wrong understanding of Israel’s founding which has led to an astounding blindness among evangelical Protestants to Israel’s extremely antiChristian (you cannot be a citizen of Israel without renouncing Christ) and extremely racist policies and practices, not to mention its ruthless immoral way it took the native Palestinian’s lands. It was because the Catholic Church saw the real plans of the British for establishing the State of Israel and the evil way in which was to be established that Pius XI strongly opposed the plan. God, of course, often allows certain evils to accomplish other good ends and that will be Israel’s eventual conversion by its betrayal by those it trusted to fulfill its false antiChrist messianic vision, including the betrayal of the AntiChrist they will have accepted as their messiah. Look how so many evangelical protestants are falling for that 15 year old Jewish boy Natan’s account of an after life experience which sets these people up for accepting the soon to be revealed AntiChrist as the actual appearance of Christ! Watching the “official video” shows every sign the story was created and the boy became a willing participant in the deception. Look how many evangelical Protestants have fallen for Rabbi Kaduri’s prediction of the coming Messiah just because he “revealed” his name to be “Jesus!” Many of them actually think this means he has become a Christian! Of course the AntiChrist will be called “Jesus” but it will be a false Jesus, the “new and improved Jesus” of false Prophet Francis! When Protestant Evangelicals find out that their dominate influence in America was likely the strongest driving force in creating the military power for the New World order under Neo-Cons like the Bush family and Dick Cheney, they also will repent in dust and ashes and finally embrace the Catholic faith they so long denigrated and despised.

          • 2017 is the conclusion of the tribulation of this era, in which all faithful Jews (and everyone else) will be converted to Catholics, ready for the period of peace mentioned at Fatima. Recall MDM messages that billions will convert. That peaceful period will be very short, only months to a couple of years, before the wounded Antichrist (beast that was wounded) is healed for the final assault before the Second Coming, at which point the Antichrist is thrown alive into hell. I will explain this more in coming articles.

  • This was the last email I received – what is happening over there ? I subscribed years ago. Please send updates from January 4 onwards.

  • In response to PIOTR’s observation about the 1,260 days from December 22, 2012…. from my understanding of Revelations and the prophetic details of Daniel’s visions of the End Times, the antichrist will be in the world, working behind the scenes for the first three and a half years (1,260 days) and in the second half he will be revealed to the world, so this ties in with the prediction above about this year’s possible events.

  • There seems to be a slight omission in the sequence that you present….the Consecration of Russia by a Pope to the Immaculate Heart of Mary…..then a promised period of peace granted by God to the world….or am I misconstruing

  • From viewing the picture Jacinta 1972 on tldm.org or smwa.org
    it seems to me that the 0 in the 9 is penciled over to signify a 0 and so we have
    2017 for the warning.

  • One possible scenario
    An incident between the Russians and the Americans will cause the Russians to invade Italy through Sicily where the US military basis are located. The Russians , joined by the “refugees”, will march toward Rome, burn the Vatican and the communist flag will fly over the Vatican. Our beloved pope Benedict will die and pope Francis will flee to another nation over the bodies of the martyred bishops. A wolf in sheep clothing will sit on the throne of Peter and cause havoc and persecution of the faithful admitting in the church pagans etc. until Jesus intervenes with the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement. Some will be raptured and return with those beheaded for Christ to establish with Christ, His Kingdom on earth. Come Lord Jesus divide Your enemies that they may fall. May we be found worthy to be present at His Coming.

    • No, Francis the fake will stay and create the one-world religion to help the Antichrist. Pope Benedict XVI is the martyred bishop in white in the third secret of Fatima. Russia will indeed invade Italy and all of Europe after NATO attacks them in Syria. After Pope B16 will come Peter the Roman as St. Malachy’s prophecy states.