3 Days of Darkness Chastisement Garabandal

CONFESS for the CHASTISEMENT will come soon

Second Message of Garabandal to the world

19 June 1962

“Loli and I were in the calleja (place near the first apparition) and She (The Virgin) told us a MESSAGE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD AND IT IS THIS: The Virgin has said to us that we are not awaiting the CHASTISEMENT (because we are disregarding Her First Message by the way we live)… BUT without awaiting it, IT WILL COME BECAUSE THE WORLD HAS NOT CHANGED… and now with this (Message) She has said it twice and we do not heed Her BECAUSE THE WORLD IS WORSE AND MUST CHANGE MUCH but has not changed at all. PREPARE YOURSELVES; CONFESS for the CHASTISEMENT will come soon. The world continues the same and I think that the world has not changed at all.

What a pity that it does not change. SOON THE GREAT CHASTISEMENT WILL COME IF IT (the world) DOES NOT CHANGE. This MESSAGE was given to Loli and me.”

Jacinta Gonzales