Holy Love Knock

“You are engaged in war – spiritual and physical war” – the weapon is the Rosary

August 21, 2016
Feast of Our Lady of Knock

Our Lady, Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, comes in white. She is holding the Rosary of the States (50 Hail Mary beads in the shape of the 50 states). She smiles and says: “Praise be to Jesus”

“On October 7th, I will return to My much beloved Field* to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Rosary. Present to Me the gift of your hearts wrapped in the many rosaries you have been praying for this country. These are desperate times. Many do not realize the grave urgency of prayer for this nation. The outcome of the upcoming presidential election will have worldwide influence. Souls are at stake. Lives are at stake.”

“Dear children, you are engaged in war – spiritual and physical war. Your weapon is this.” She holds up the rosary of the states. Then it changes into the rosary of the unborn. “Pray for an end to abortion which is Satan’s weapon of mass destruction.”

* Field of the United Hearts.