Holy Love

Inability to Recognize Truth Feeds the Spirit of Confusion

September 16, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am praying that the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth – enlightens the heart of the world as to the real dangers that threaten mankind today.  The greatest danger is the inability to recognize Truth.  This feeds the spirit of confusion and obstructs the soul’s understanding of good versus evil.  Many lies are presented as Truth by politicians who are self-seeking and ambitious.  So many in the general public either do not recognize this or summarily excuse it.”

“You must expect the Truth from your leaders and accept nothing less.  You need to make your leaders accountable to the Truth.  This is so not only in the secular realm, but in religious leadership, as well.  Good leaders keep their followers on course, without regard for their own popularity.  Good leaders lead in accord with the welfare of their flock.  They do not condone sin as a means of being popular or to attract more followers.”

“The best leader is not always the one with the most money or influence.  The best leader leads according to the Truth – God’s Commandments – and Holy Love.”