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Excerpts of Asteroid related Messages to Luz de Maria

Note: throughout the summer various governments have sent nuclear bomb equipped missiles to shoot down the incoming asteroid. They have split a large one into pieces and slowed it down, but the inevitable cannot be prevented. Asteroid fragments will hit the earth and cause massive destruction. Watch the 1998 movie “Deep Impact” for a reasonable rendition of what is happening. Read this about the Armageddon Project by NASA.

16 June 2014: “An asteroid is getting closer to Earth, causing great fear.”

28 March 2015: “Pray, children, Earth will be touched by an asteroid; pray”

15 April 2015: “Pray, My beloved; an asteroid is coming without being seen yet. Indirectly it will cause great tragedy on Earth.”

26 April 2015: “Beloved children, an asteroid is coming close to the Earth. Be aware of this. Maybe you’ll ask Me “What can we do? And I answer: WHEN THE HEART IS IN GOOD DISPOSITION AND THE MIND IS PREPARED TO KNOW THE DEPTHS OF MY SON’S LOVE AND OF MY MATERNITY, MAN IS PREPARED TO FACE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.”


27 September 2015: “From the sky you will see a great light—asteroid—come down towards you … My People, do not fear! The Lord, your God, shelters you in the Palm of His Hand.”

25 October 2015: “The unexpected arrival of an asteroid brings great suffering to My children.”

11 December 2015: “… inactive volcanoes wake up, asteroids and comets are ever more frequent, thunder and lightning contain increasing power given to them by the contamination with which man has made Nature react uncontrollably.”

20 December 2015: “I have called you to look at the sky to see the signs and remain attentive. Instants are near when humankind will be subjected to continuous threats coming from outer space; these threats will be greater and will cause fear when the comets or asteroids get closer than they should.”

20 May 2016: “The trajectory of some Asteroids and Comets orbits towards Earth. Some have been recorded by man; others will appear in instants and will baffle the men of science. Some will fall in the sea causing tsunamis, and others will wipe out Towns.”

3 June 2016: “Pray, My children, pray; an asteroid is divided by man, but a large portion falls into the sea, being the cause of terror and fear for Humanity, while some other fragments penetrate the earth.”