Luz de Maria Riots / Revolution

Luz de Maria Reflections on the Immaculate Conception


I join you in celebrating this festivity and I want to share with you the following:

A Young Jewish girl became the Mother of the Word… and in this instant she is venerated by scores of people.

Our Mother is not only prepared to listen to God’s Will, but to fulfill what is requested of her.  But behind all this is her willingness; we must see this Young Girl who decided to take the risk which at that time involved being a Mother in her present condition.

Even with Divine intervention and direct to Joseph, Her Spouse, we must find in the heart of Young Mary, not only the predestination, but what dwells in Her Heart: who sees in everything and in everything much more than the rest were able to penetrate…… SHE LIVED IN A SPECIAL WAY THE LOVE FOR GOD.

Let’s bring to mind that instant in which Mary changes from being the Young Mary, Spouse of Joseph, to be THE MOTHER OF THE WORD.

Let’s immerse ourselves in Her Womb and stop being spectators as we have been until now; so we can accept that infinite invitation that Our Eternal Father is giving us, by sending His beloved Son to redeem the entire Humanity.  In those Words we have the direct implication to participate mystically of the gestation in the Womb who is from that very instant Our Mother.

That Immaculate Vessel contains more than Grace to be chosen as Mother of the Man God.  In her being it was stirred and at the same time combined all the needs of a creature, that while being human, possesses the conscience to live deepening in all the magnitude the Divine mark, pulsating and present in all the Work of Creation.

It is our Blessed Mother Mary who does not hold back from showing Her Goodness, but rather within her simplicity contains profound devotion, that without going through a process of previous analysis or scrutiny, she gives herself for Love.

Love is the first distinction in order for the qualities, gifts and virtues to be given, devoid of all pretense, without bustle, but in the SILENCE ITSELF OF GOD WHERE THE SOUL PENETRATES IN THE DIVINE COMMUNION… AND THE BLESSED MOTHER SAYS: YES!

In that Blessed Womb dwells the great MYSTERY OF LOVE that will reveal itself on the Cross.

Let’s go into that Blessed Maternity to see how Our Mother is, who together with Her Son, is participant in the life of Jesus himself.  She is the “present” in all of Jesus’ life; she never totally disappears but is seen as a shooting star, leaving us her Maternal mark in the walk of the Public Life of Christ.

The Heart of the Son beats with the Heart of His Mother and the Heart of the Mother beats in the heart of her Son, since both of them live in the Divine Will.  We must not see Our Mother as a spectator in the life of Her Son, She is always present like a unexpected lighting, she is present transmitting her Maternal Strength to her Son, who does not separates from His Mother but sees her, and with just a gaze, those Hearts are saying more than a thousand Words.

Man’s conception is very limited to the Truth of the great figure of the Mother of Christ and Our Mother that she sees in the Words of Jesus:

“Woman, what is that to me and to thee?  Mine hour is not yet come (John 2,4)

you see a negative before seeing an affirmation that She and her Son know and confirm in that instant that they BOTH ARE ONE UNIT AND THEREFORE, MORE THAN A BOND, THEY BEAT AS ONE. 

Our Mother was not chosen to sustain only the basic needs of the Man God, as this election goes beyond, it is always present until the end of times, in a mutual understanding that transcends all, since they are not only united in the flesh but in the Spirit.  Our Mother does not crumble with the death of Her Son because her Heart resuscitates with Him and illuminates the entire Church, gathering the disciples and being the Door by which the Church itself passed and will pass to reach Christ.

That is why from the Yes of Mary to the departure to the Paternal House, it is Blessed Mary who calls, loves and gathers those that with love and in need of that Pure Heart we call upon Our Mother so she will not abandon us and continue being the actor in our life, that possesses the blessing of taking us in Her Hands to Her Son:  the Actor and Spectator of our life.

To live comfortably, without leaving that comfort to take over the place that has been given to each human being within the great Plan of Salvation goes beyond knowing or fulfilling the Mandates of the Law of God.

Each one of you is necessary to keep the harmony of that Divine Symphony in the entire Work of Creation, in which the will of all human beings weigh, and so much, that the actions and deeds of just one human being que cause chaos in the Universe itself.

Therefore, let’s be not only a repeater of the actions of Our Savoir, but obedient to His Works and Actions so that in this instant we can give to the Queen of Creation, the place that She holds in the GREAT WORK OF GOD.

Luz de Maria