Pedro Regis Persecution

“After all sorrow, a Great Time of Peace will come to you” (4448)

4.448 – Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace, Belo Horizonte / MG, transmitted on 03/26/2017

Dear children, I am your Mother and I have come from Heaven to lead you to My Son Jesus. Be docile to My Call, for only thus can you understand My Presence among you. Open your hearts to the Light of God and everywhere witness that you are in the world, but you are not of the world. Give the best of yourself in the mission entrusted to you. With your examples and words, show the world that God is very close to you. Stay tuned. Do not use your freedom to distance yourselves from God. He is your everything and without Him you can do nothing. You are prone to fall and, without thinking, you walk towards a great abyss. Seek strength in prayer, in listening to the Gospel and in the Eucharist. Put your trust in Jesus; He is your Great Friend and knows each one of you by name. Humanity has become contaminated with sin and needs to be healed. Turn around. Your time is short and you can not live in sin. Reconcile with God and be great in faith. This is the time of the Great Spiritual Confusion. Be courageous and do not be discouraged. You belong to the Lord and you must follow and serve Him alone. You walk towards a painful future. There will be great persecution of men and women of faith, but do not retreat. After all sorrow, a Great Time of Peace will come to you. God will transform the earth and the righteous will experience His Wonders. Love and defend the truth. Whoever remains faithful to the end will receive a great reward. I love you as you are and I will always be close to you. Forward. This is the message I am sending you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing Me to meet you here again. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.