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Ancient Revelations about the Envoy of God (Angel of Peace)

Ancient Revelations about the Envoy of God (Angel of Peace)

Saint Hildegard Von Bingen
Germany (1098-1179)
Religious, mystic and Doctor of the Church.

“But today the Catholic faith  heel over dangerously among the Peoples, the Gospel declines among men, the powerful texts that the great wise men revealed with immense fervor have weakened in ignominious annoyance, already the bread of life of Divine Scripture has cooled: that is why I now speak of the Scriptures putting My Words in the mouth of a human being, who has not learned from an earthly teacher rather I, who AM, announce through His Voice new Secrets and many mysteries hidden in the texts until today, as the artisan does who first kneads the clay and then molds it according to his will” (Pag. 464 Scivias: Conoce los caminos)


Saint Bridget
Sweden (1303-1373)
Wife, mother, widow, founder of the Order of the Most Holy Savior.
Mystic, Patroness of Sweden and of Europe

Our Lord, lamenting the decadence, says to the Saint: “But by the pleas of My Mother I will send these sheep, from which I exempt My friends, who only live with their body in the world, my clear voice that preaches mercy, and if they heard it, they would be saved” (Celestiales revelaciones, pág. 89)

A ­farmer labourer to come with the plow: neither will he fear the strength of the brave nor the threats of princes. Our Lord promises St. Bridget “A LABOURER” who will destroy his enemies… For the same ones who by their primacy or dignity were the ones who used to and should appease God, have fallen greatly from their holiness and good example and do not consider that God, Lord of all things, made Himself poor to teach us to disparage all that is of the world and to love what is of Heaven. Moreover, man who is poor himself has made himself rich with false riches, and all want to follow this path, being very few those who do not attempt it (Celestiales revelaciones, pág. 89)

“So, the Omnipotent One will send and prompt a “LABOURER” to come with the plow, who will neither seek lands nor corporal beauties nor fear the strength of the brave nor the threats of princes nor acceptation of people…” (Celestiales revelaciones, p. 210-211).


Sister Mariana Francisca de Jesus Torres
Ecuador (1594-1634)
Servant of God. Spanish Conceptionists, abbess of the Convent of Quito. She received innumerable visions and revelations from Our Lord and from Our Lady under the invocation of Good Success.

“Oh, how I lament manifesting to you that there will be many and enormous public and hidden sacrileges profaning the Holy Eucharist!… My Most Holy Son will find Himself rolled on the floor and trampled by filthy feet.”

“Pray with insistence, asking our Heavenly Father to put an end to such evil times, for the Love of the Eucharistic Heart of My Most Holy Son, and to send this Church the Prelate, My dearly beloved Son, who My Most Holy Son and I love with predilection love, who exists to revive the spirit of Priests, therefore we will endow Him with abilities, humility of heart, docility towards Divine Inspirations, strength to defend the rights of the Church and a tender and compassionate heart so that, like another Christ, He can assist the great and small without disdain for the most disgraced who come with doubts and bitterness in search of the light of his advice…

In his hands will be placed the hierarchy of the Sanctuary so that everything can be done with weight and moderation, and thus God will be glorified…”


In the dark night of the Church, many will lose their spirit due to the lack of a prelate and father who keeps vigil with love, gentleness, strength, finesse and prudence. Many prayers are necessary so that God puts an end to such unfortunate times, sent to restore the Church and the spirit of his priests: (The Envoy) will be endowed with a “rare” capacity, with great humility, with strength to defend the rights of the Church and will be of a tender and compassionate heart.

For the coming of this “RESTORER”—He will counterbalance the lukewarmth of the souls consecrated to God. The short number of souls in which the education of faith and good habits will be preserved, will suffer a cruel, prolonged and unspeakable martyrdom. Many of them will go down to the grave because of the violence of the suffering and will be counted as martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the Church. In order to liberate it from the slavery of these heresies they will need great strength of will, constancy, bravery and much confidence in God, those who He will destine for this restoration. The merciful Love of My Most Holy Son to put to the test in the just this faith and trust will arrive in moments when seemingly everything will be lost and paralyzed, and then it will be the happy beginning of the complete restoration and the Church, which as a tender girl will resurge joyful and triumphant and sleep quietly, rocked in the arms of the maternal heart of the Chosen One, My beloved Son of those times. We shall make Him great on the Earth and much more in Heaven, where we shall have reserved for Him a very precious seat, because without fear of men He battled for Truth and defended undaunted the rights of His Church for which they could very well call Him martyr (Vida admirable de la Rvda. Madre Mariana de Jesús Torres, Tomo II, Cap X, págs. 124-125).


Bernardo Rembort
Germany (1689-1783)
Called Spielmann [jobral] for a long time servant of the Benedictine abbey of  Siegburg, in Rhineland.

“Their pride will lead them to scoff at the Signs from Heaven and they will not take them into consideration. A man will arise and awaken the sleeping world, beating with a strong voice those who are prideful and destroying the learned.  And because pride and voluptuousness and luxurious fashions are so great, God will punish the world…” (S.M. Mirakles, p. 88).


Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser
Germany (1613-1658)

Priest died in the odor of sanctity. Endowed with profound knowledge in science and favored with the gift of prophecy; he wrote many works, the most celebrated is an interpretation of the Apocalypse.  In the life of this Venerable priest, printed in 1734, in one of his Cartas Latinas a B. Amadeo, pág. 258, it reads: This powerful monarch who will come as the Envoy sent by God, will destroy the Republics to their foundation, He will submit to his power and will employ his zeal in favor of the true Church of Christ. All heresies will be relegated to hell…

Venerable Isabel Canori Mora 
Italy (1774-1825)
Wife and Tertiary Trinitarian, with the spirit of Prophecy, died in the odor of sanctity in Rome.

VISION—“Then there appeared on Earth a beautiful clarity that announced the reconciliation of God with men. The Angels brought before the Throne of the Prince of the Apostles the small Flock that remained faithful to Jesus Christ. These good and favored Christians presented their respectful homage and blessing God, they gave thanks to the Apostle of the Apostles for having preserved them from general ruin and for having conserved and sustained the Church of Jesus Christ, not allowing Her to be dragged by the false maxims of the world. The Saint then chose the new Pontiff. The Church was then immediately reconstructed, the religious orders reestablished, and the houses of Christians seemed like the religious houses, so great were the fervor and zeal for the glory of God.

In another vision: “I saw Heaven open and saw the Prince of the Apostles descend with majesty, accompanied by a multitude of Heavenly Spirits, singing hymns of praise. The glorious Apostle was clothed with pontifical habits, and He had in one hand a crosier with which He drew on the Earth a great cross. While He drew this cross, He was surrounded by Angels who sang in His honor the words of Psalm 44:17  “Constitueseos principes super one terram”—You will make them princes
throughout the Earth.’”


Sister María de los Dolores y Patrocinio 
Spain (1811-1891)

Spanish Conceptionist, abbess, foundress and reformer of the convents of her order; stigmatized, favored with all kinds of graces and supernatural gifts.

The man of God…a great marvel… “Speaking with myself on a certain occasion, the Servant of God told me: ‘There will be worked so great a wonder, that it will fill the whole world with astonishment…Men are very careless…and the MAN OF GOD approaches; He will not be long now: it will not go well for those he catches off guard… I am thinking and He makes me bless God who as Divine Majesty for all the greatest things uses a handful of dust.” Who is to think how the prodigy will be? A grave with a handful of bones; and at God’s voice all must see that they become what they were before… No one can imagine it; and so will be the astonishment of the world. Nothing and no one will be able to advance the moment or the hour… So, well, Mother, I asked Her, it has a fixed day or only conditional? It is the express will of God and it has a fixed year, month, day and hour. Before that triumph of God and of His Church, great punishments must come…”(Hna Maria Isabel de Jesús, pp. 513-514).


Berta Petit 
Belgium (1870-1943)
Belgium mystic, a soul victim with Gifts of prophecy.

“My Apostle will arise at the chosen hour, when the frightful cataclysm that comes has disrupted the present combinations of men and their deplorable politics. It is not at the present hour that My Will, in regards to the glory of My Mother, must be fulfilled. The wait is still useful to the greatness of the Work” (R. Christoflour, p. 215).

Joseph of Walback
France (1853-?)
He would have had as a mission to announce to all the Christian nations, and in particular to France and Germany, the great misfortunes if they did not readily return to the Christian sentiments.

About the Providential Man he says: “In the midst of the tempest there will arise a man of good who lives in the fear of God. All hearts will turn to Him and love Him. Bright miracles will signal His coming and the most incredulous will be obligated to recognize Divine Intervention” (J. Gonthier, 117).

Religious Madame Royer
France (1841-1924)
Wife, Mother and after becoming a widow became a religious endowed with great gifts of prophecy and favored with many
visions and ecstasies.  When all human recourse has disappeared, and all seems lost,the Sacred Heart will intervene. Then the Chosen One of God will arise… 
In 1915: “The bad ones will destroy themselves… Then will come the One who must restore everything. It will be necessary to accept the One Providence will send…” (cfr. R. Christoflour, pp. 193-204; A. Marty, pp. 82-91).


Blessed Father Francisco Palau 
Spain (1811-1872)
Spanish Discalced Carmelite. Created the “School of Virtue”—a mode of catechetical teaching in Barcelona.

From one moment to another there will appear a Moses, a man whom hell, the Heavens, the Elements, and all of Nature will obey. The wonders with which the Divinity of His Mission will be accredited will be so stupendous, that those which Moses realized before the King of Egypt are nothing but a shadow and figure. At His orders the seas will rise from the deep and drown entire cities: the Earth will be covered in darkness so dense that not even the objects most near will be sees as shadows. At His voice fire will descend, sulfur from Heaven, and the Earth will open and hell will swallow alive the modern sacrileges Dathan, Core, Abiron, (Num 16) and those who contest His Mission. Under the direction of this Man, the entire Orb will fight against the foolish ones.

The chosen, only the chosen, will follow this restorer, those who have their name written in the Book of Life, and the rest of the Catholics will apostatize dividing themselves one from the other. What is written about the Son of man will be fulfilled in the person of this RESTORER “utcomtemnatur et multa palcatur.” He will be unknown, persecuted, despised by the Catholics whose names are not written in the Book of Life (…) Satan will be locked up in the abyss by the new Moses and by His Apostles, and with him will be buried in hell the evil of the Earth(…), When will this RESTORER come? There is no other restorer known but Elijah Tesbites. “Elijah venturus est et eumvenerit, restituet omnia,” if true restoration is coming that consists in the conversion to the God of all Nations and of its kings, the RESTORER cannot be a king, but an Apostle; war does not convert but ruins, and this apostle will be Elijah, the promised Elijah, whatever the name He is given when He appears. Whether He call himself John, Moses, Peter, the name matters little: the mission of Elijah will restore human society, because God has it so ordered in His Providence.


Father Stefano Gobbi
Italy (1930-2011)
Italian Priest, received revelations from the Blessed Virgin Mary, through interior locutions, about the spiritual battle of the end times. He founded the Marian Movement of Priests, comprising of more than four hundred Bishops and more than one hundred thousand Priests through out the world.

“Today you find yourself here, in the headquarters of My Movement in Germany, to create a Cenacle with the Priests and faithful Consecrated to My Immaculate Heart. You will venerate Me as the Lady of the Holy Rosary.”

My Victory will become effective when Satan, with his powerful army of all the infernal spirits, will be locked up in his kingdom of darkness and death, from which he will never be able to get out to harm the world. For this there must descend from Heaven an Angel to Whom has been given the Key to the Abyss and a Chain with which to tie up the great dragon, the ancient serpent, Satan, with all his henchmen The Angel is a Spirit that is sent by God to fulfill a particular mission.  I am the Queen of Angels, because it enters into My particular design being sent by the Lord to realize the greatest and most important mission of defeating Satan.


The Seer Juan Angel Collado

Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico (Year 1953)
The following is a FRAGMENT of the first message of six left by the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of the Well in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico, the 23 of April 1953, to the Seer Juan Angel Collado, which was disclosed to the world on 5 May 1978, fulfilled already the indications of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

“Enter into the world and when you are most submerged in the darkness and after having denied My Name, THE ENVOY will arrive who will remind you of the True Path.”

Fragment of the fourth message given by the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1953 and made known 25 May 1992:
They will be difficult times, of great social and moral deterioration but above all  spiritual deterioration. The selfishness of men will reign. Those who have consecrated themselves to My Beloved Son Jesus through My Call to the promulgation of a new strain of true Christians will be persecuted. Some new children, consecrated to My Small Reign will pierce My Heart with the sword of betrayal and abandonment of their promise to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Even so the Message of restitution will be received and promulgated beyond the sea, where I have placed My Right Foot. IN THE MOMENTS OF GREATEST TRIBULATION AND PERSECUTION, I WILL SEND THE ANGEL WHO WILL AGAIN SHOW YOU THE WAY…