Floods Pedro Regis Persecution

“You walk into a future of painful religious persecution” (4552)

4.552 – Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace, in Recife / PE, transmitted on 11/06/2017

Dear children, you are the Lord’s and Him alone must you follow and serve. Do not allow the things of the world to lead you away from My Son Jesus. Take care of your spiritual life and do not worry too much about tomorrow. Trust fully in Jesus. He loves you and will never abandon you. Give Him your very existence and you will be happy here on Earth and later with me in Heaven. Cherish the moments of prayer and listening to the Word of God. Put into your hands the Holy Rosary and the Sacred Scripture; In your heart the love of truth. You live in a worse time than in the time of the Flood, and the time has come for your return to the Lord. Do not fold your arms. What you have to do, do not leave for tomorrow. Difficult times will come and only those who love the truth and defend it will stand firm in the faith. I am your Sorrowful Mother and I suffer for what comes to you. You walk into a future of painful religious persecution. Men and women of faith will drink the bitter cup of suffering. Courage. I will be with you. Forward without fear. I will pray to My Jesus for you. This is the message I am sending you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank You for allowing Me to meet you here one more time. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.